Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Boho, folksy, ethnic, foho...whats in a word?

i love boho...hippie...folksy...ethnic...foho...for the lack of better words that people everywhere would recognise, whatever you want to call it i love it...Well what is there not to love in the folksy inspired fashion capturing the essence of the psychedelic 60s and the 70s...think gladiator sandals, granmma's crochet, patchwork clothes and shawls, paisley prints, maxi dresses, embroidery, peasant clothing, velvet trims, crushed velvet yummies, moccasins and belts they are all my favourite things...a heavily embellished beach bum is a look that makes me happy all through the year...now if only the weather would co operate it would be so much more fun

Yes maybe foho is a lil understated but its still eclectic...and you can just incorporate something totally brand new...think a hippy inspired by the bohemian chic but a more edgy version...totally a divine maxi dress wth a balmainesque leather jacket kinds...i was getting a bit tired of all the coin belts and coin necklaces and feather and coin earrings all sorts of extraneous baubles and beads (i do think i have been possessed by a minimalistic spirit...exorcism anyone?)...gaah i could go on and on...the jewelery i love right now would be a mix of chunky gold and silver bangles, slinky chains...charm bracelets...butterfly earrings...mother of pearl everywhere...

But I just have one problem with these descriptions...everyone seems to think that anything that is not western/ part of the celebrity culture/ fashion of the west/ anglo saxon I really don't know what to call it without being a racist myself...anyway so anything that doesn't fall into the above said categories is ethnic or folksy or tribal...But just a thought, what people sitting in their fashionable chanel-esque cocoons call alternative or folksy is actually a norm somewhere in the world...I mean considering that India basically consists of 1/6th of the world's population I refuse to label what I love ethnic or tribal or any such tag

Having said that though...as long as it combines ethnically folk (not my choice of words) with ethics and eco chic...i guess i will be forever foho till a new trend appeals more...

decadent disorder!

i have a problem...i want to wear all my jewelery at one go...and i am pretty sure i would look like a haphazardly decked christmas tree! i am sure there is no such thing as haphazard chic...is there? i cant help it if all of me just wants to sparkle in the everything from my treasure box..is there no such thing as layering for jewelery? i mean i know there is layering for jewelery but the kind of layering i am talking about is bordering on schizophrenia...and not of the attractive mary kate/ ashley olsenesque bag lady kinds...but a scary shiny crazy creature kinds...ah well...maybe the world does need a creature like that :D