Thursday, November 29, 2012

Des fringues vintage

Skirt and Bag: Vintage, Shoes: Wittner, Top: Portmans, Jewellery: Gifted+India+Sydney markets

I've had this leather skirt forever but I needed the upheaval caused by the move to re-discovered it at the bottom of a suitcase and wore it the other day to get some burritos in Surry hills with the boy. It makes me happy that I looked for ages to find the perfect vintage skirt rather than buy one brand new at AA or somewhere else because I don't have to live with the guilt of buying first hand leather. Worn here with a top whose back detail I love, brogues and my current favourite vintage leather bag that looks small but can be stuffed with heaps of things aka the best kinda bag. The post title just means vintage clothes in colloquial French because I am dying to go vintage shopping in Paris. On a cheerier note its almost Friday, Yaaay!

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Summer shorts DIYs

Like any other girl I love denim cut offs for summer, baah who am I kidding, I love them all year round, but unlike most other girls who might have a few trusted pairs of jean shorts I have amassed a huge collection over the years. Since they look better with age there is no giving them away and as I re-organized my clothes during the move I realized I have an astounding number of Levis 501s alone and an even greater number of various other brands and leather and suede and various other materials, okay I think you get the picture, I have a lot of shorts. So this year I've decided to refrain from buying more and to avoid getting attracted by shiny new ones I decided to get crafty with my existing pairs.

I've already jumped on the tie-dye bandwagon eons ago, ripped a few babies to reveal their cooler shredded avatars, bleached, dip-dyed etc etc but I knew now was the time to up the ante because I want a pair of personalized denim that no one else would have. So I decided to go the ethnic embroidery route, Gujarati needle work style. Gujarat is a state in Western India that has a long history with textiles especially needle work and tie dye, popularly known locally as Bandhani. The stark monotony of the desert landscape in the region is brightened up by intricate colourful embroidery, bead and mirror work. Now I am not any where close to as talented as the local ladies there are but I still decided to have a go on a pair of shorts in what can be described best as my take on that style.

Here are a few pictures of the various DIYs that I am currently working on, I started small with stitching a ying yang patch on the back pocket of a pair, then embroidered a peace sign on the back of another, then sharpied a Mexican sugar skull-esque design on the front of a 501 and then started some more complicated work on a pair of Wranglers that's almost ready. Outfit posts coming as soon as the November rain lets up. Any DIY+design suggestions are more than welcome :D Happy Wednesday all!

Monday, November 26, 2012

Weekend wanderings

Dress: Gifted by Daddy dearest, Moccasins: Minnetonka, Silver: Gifted+India, Bag: Vintage from Surry Hills.

An infected tooth with jaw breaking pain, massive dose of antibiotics, a cocktail of painkillers mean that the weekend has to be laid back plus relaxing conducive to a speedy recovery and that's just what the boy arranged for us. I was crabby and reluctant to go anywhere but he took me shopping for potted plants and then to Gordons bay, a beautiful cove that is an aquatic reserve and a popular dive spot with a line of boats rafted up along the top of the beach. It has an amazing underwater nature trail established by the local Scuba diving club that I just got glimpses of through the rocks and the water.

The place itself was beyond amazing but the views on the way were stunning and we spent a beautiful afternoon hanging at the rock pool, collecting little plant cuttings for my garden, spotting crabs, playing plus wrestling for the ball with the funnest dog and sun baking.

It was super warm, our first really summery day of the season and I dressed for comfort in a thin cotton dress, my grey Minnetonkas and less than my usual array of silver. On the way back we gave two travelers a ride and that led to us watching the most spectacular sunset at Shark bay. All in all a wonderful weekend afternoon. Hope you had a beautiful day too whatever you did.

Saturday, November 24, 2012

In which I wore a top as a dress

Crochet shift: Vintage, Suede bag: Thrifted, Hat: Witchery, Moccasins: Zara, Silver Jewellery: Gifted/ India

I've had this crochet top for quite sometime now and because its long enough to cover my butt I've decided its going to be my favourite tunic. I would have loved to wear it with moto boots or one of my high heeled boots but I have a tooth infection and I just wanted to be comfortable since it feels like my face and jaw have been hit by a truck and nothing says comfort more than moccasins that make me feel like I am barefeet. I cannot stress the importance of buying Vintage enough so I'll just say, this dress is the one of the prettiest silk yarn/ hand made crochet I've ever seen. It was made by someone long before sweat shops came into existence and buying something like this anywhere else today would cost a bomb and put money into the hands of horrible big corporations. Please support your local vintage+thrift stores, women owned+ small businesses, anyone but sweatshop labour product stocking multi million dollar companies who feed off this use and throw fashion craze.

At a Vintage store you're supporting people who usually have a vision of art and fashion that excludes profiting off underpaid people's effort and making people feel like they are crap if they are not wearing the lastest 'it' clothes. I am consciously trying to buy less and less from places that are devoid of ethics but its an uphill battle and a constant journey of self reflection and it is heartening to see that a lot of people in the blogosphere also have similar views and are supporting ethical businesses over cheap fast fashion stores. Have a beautiful weekend, I am off to take another dose of painkillers before my jaw breaks.

Thursday, November 22, 2012

Gauzy skirts make me feel like a gypsy princess

I completely love easy breezy, gauzy maxi skirts and have since I was little girl. Any flowy, thin material makes me happy and to have such material block printed with peacocks and flowers and wrap itself around me in a shapeless haze is the icing on the cake. And then to have the skirt topped off with a concert tee from one of my fave bands, a leopard hat and my grey suede boots is even more yum. Simple outfit but its outfits like this that I throw on when rushing out of the door on a morning that I am running late.

Yaaay its almost Friday and I cannot wait for the weekend to be here with great beach going weather, now if only this pesky tooth ache would leave me alone, I'd be a happier person. Happy Wedding Anniversary to my lovely parents!

Skirt and shirt: Thrifted, Hat: Marcs, Boots: Ninewest, Jewellery: Gifted+India

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Bell bottom blues

Recently my all encompassing obsession has been the Cord killers from One teaspoon and since its pre-Christmas strict budget phase I am comforting myself by giving all my other wide-legged babies an outing. For me the boot-cut phase never really went away and although I love my skinny jeans there is a special place in my heart for bell-bottoms and that love will never falter. Trends come and go but flares are forever. Worn here with my all saints tie dye sweater, a 70s tooled leather beauty and the usual array of silver yumminess. Another simple outfit for a day of errand running, Thai food hogging and tree stomping. Life's good when there are trees to climb (in my case its more the boy just lift me and put me on the branch) possums and bats to look at and a new episode of my favourite sit-com to watch. Have a wonderful week all!

Flared jeans: FCUK, Jumper: All saints, Jewellery: Gifted+India, Tooled leather bag: Vintage, Bondi markets

Sunday, November 18, 2012

More over size leather jacket love

Saturday basically consisted of sleeping in till super late, having yummy lunch courtesy the boy's culinary prowess, taking a super long nap, going out for some divine gelato and then walking around little lanes of Surry hills before going to the friendly neighbourhood pub for a couple of pints. Nothing could be more suited to an easy relaxed day like another oversize-nana-jumper like leather-jacket over a worn in tee, my current fave shoes from Zara and an army surplus bag that I am itching to stitch patches on. The boy is making hilarious jokes about crappy yoghurt ads in France plus the Gremlins movie is playing in the background and there are comments being made in a furby voice therefore I can't think of much to write. Happy Sunday all!

Friday, November 16, 2012

The festival of lights

This week was the Hindu festival of lights or Diwali as it is called in India, it is a week full of auspicious days including one to buy jewellery and welcome the Goddess of wealth and prosperity into the house. I am not very religious but a day devoted to buying jewellery in the name of worshiping Goddess Lakshmi is more than fine by me!

The boy and I celebrated the week by calling and wishing loved ones, lighting loads of candles, hanging fairy lights, eating yummy food, buying a fondue set and gorging on melted cheese and I had to take the opportunity to draw an alpona on the balcony. Here are a few pictures of the festivities our way including one of me wearing my festival jewellery acquisition, a yummier than yummy silver necklace.

I didn't want to bring up anything negative in this post but I cannot resist saying, that a few months ago the Freepeople stores/ dressing rooms were decorated with these traditional alpona designs and it seemed a bit weird to me. I am really over people kitsch-fying every aspect of my culture, these designs are used during traditional and religious ceremonies. Also most of the free people one clothing that cost an arm are made in India using traditional Indian craftsmanship and techniques and I really would like to know how much do the artisans creating the beautiful clothes benefit from free people's outrageous prices.

And don't even get me started on Winter Kate, Nicole Richie's line, gauzy cotton/ flowy silks, with traditional Indian motifs and designs that have been available for decades in India and everywhere else, priced indecently and given Indian names like Devi, Avanti, Lakshmi etc! Like seriously woman, stop pretending to be a designer because all you are is someone who has a fabulous sourcing and marketing team. Didn't mean for this to be a rant but I am just over companies and individuals using poor people's talent to make mega bucks.

Back to happier things its almost Thanksgiving, Christmas and Hanukkah are round the corner, here's wishing everyone a happy and prosperous build-up to which ever holiday you wish to celebrate.