Sunday, June 26, 2016

Bell-bottom jeans with Bandhani

Bandhani is an ancient form of intricate tie-dye, evidence suggests that it was in existence as early as 4000BC and most of what I wear comes from the Saurashtra or Kutch region of Gujarat. The dots are created by meticulously tying thousands of sections of the cloth to resist the rich colours of mostly natural dye it is then dipped in, which results in intricate designs and motifs.

I can never get enough of Bandhani, here I have worn a cotton open front flowy bandhej kurta with a maxi cardigan and a pair of bell-bottoms from One teaspoon. However as much as I love Bandhani, I also like wearing it in ways that suit me, rather than wear the typical gaghra, or salwar kurta, I don't see the point of staying within the tried and tested popular parameters. I mean I will play the princess in a chiffon bandhani anarkali but not all the time and I do like to incorporate a lot of traditional desi fabrics into my everyday with my jeans. What's life if one can't play a little bit with one's clothing?

Monday, June 20, 2016

Hand block-print and Vintage Wool

It has gotten cold in Sydney now and I dress like a grandma who likes to be completely insulated from the cold, albeit with a bit of block-print or Bandhani thrown in. These aren't so much outfit photos as they are 'look at my favourite-st puppy and I wore hand block-print and vintage wool grand-ma cardigan to play with her'. This is what I call my put everything warm I have in layers and refuse to stay indoors look.

Saturday, June 11, 2016

Bright and Bandhej-ed

All I need to feel wonderful is a bright bandhani kurta worn as a mini shift dress with a brilliant blue bandhani scarf and a hand embroidered bag with fun boots. What are your feel wonderful staples?

Sunday, June 5, 2016

Walking the dog in flared cords

A cosy outfit for a cold autumn afternoon of walking the puppy in layers of wool, cord super flares from one teaspoon and a massive bandhani scarf. What is your outfit of choice for running after a bundle of energy that refuses to slow down? I mean look at her here, there is no point to these photos except for just looking at the sheer beauty of her!