Saturday, August 31, 2013

Mini and Sweater weather's back

Its that time of the year again, when going tightless is fun but sweaters can still be worn, one looks forward to the summer but can still wear layers. Sandals and wool look great together if you ask me...

It's the time when hours can be spend frolicking outdoors by the water and everything looks magical in the sunshine. Sunny weekends are the best!

Sunday, August 25, 2013

Sunset meanderings

Change of seasons mean allergies plus flu, I may be really excited for spring but cant for the life of me take the blocked nose and perennial exhaustion anymore.

On to better topics, sick days call for warm and comfy clothing and it can't get comfier than soft merino sweaters and oversize cardigans, the turquoise fabric bag is just to keep things cheerful. Nothing is better to cheer oneself up than to sit by crashing waves and drink beer

Hope everyone's had a great weekend.

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Yellows and greens, purples and pink

What would I do without bright accessories in winter? When all I can think of is layer on top of layer a little bright belt, a hint of purple in my shoes, fun beanies and bags make me feel like me.

Another thing that I absolutely cannot do without are my relaxed jeans, summer or winter. Happy midweek everyone.

Beanie: Nepal, Jeans: Op-shopped, Silver Jewellery: India and Nepal, Block-print Scarf: India, Suede flats: Wittner

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

The abominable non snow woman

I had been hibernating for weeks, by hibernating I am mean just eating, sleeping, going to work and then to my delight it started to get warm. The sun was shining, my plants were coming back to life, I was planning spring outfits and even spend two whole days without leggings and then BAM! back to freezing my toes off.

It was cold today, so cold that I had a post dinner ice-cream craving so bad that we braved the chilly winds to make a supermarket run. Cold weather means on come the wool leggings and docs and in go my bright silk shorts. Ah well! eventually the spring is going to arrive and till then I have my cookies n cream. Have a wonderful week all.

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Outfit tales from the basement

Winter outfit photo taking comes with its own set of challenges therefore these basement photos totally made the cut. I love these jeans, they are op-shopped men's jeans from Vinnies and I cannot describe how much love I have for them.

There are DIY sand-blasting plans in the works for these babies and right now I am on the look out for similar ones for my sister. This made in Vietnam pretend Hmong top is another Vinnies find that I LOVE.

Hope everyone's having a great week.

Saturday, August 3, 2013

Fun with Ferns

Spend this afternoon in a beautiful fern covered magical hideaway and I couldn't be happier. Wore my maxi skirt as a hi-low dress with multiple merino wool sweaters plus wool socks and boots and was good to go. Add a colourful hand knotted bag and silk scraf to any outfit and to me its complete. Honestly I don't get why people feel badly dressed or not cool if they're not wearing the latest trending items.

What is the point of wearing something that is being worn by everyone and their neighbour? Don't get me wrong sometimes I see someone who is wearing a currently trending item in a way that is completely different from everyone else. I mean trending or not when someone wears something that they truly like, I believe it shows.

I have been attracted to colour and interesting prints forever and that hasn't changed inspite of the amount of fashion magazines I've read or editorials I've admired or even blogs I've browsed through.

This skirt for example was bought in the dusty streets of Delhi's Paharganj with one of the kindest people I know (Hey Carola) and I don't think I am ever going to part with it. I have too many good memories attached to it and sometimes wear it as a maxi skirt, dress or scraf. It cost less than $5 and I walked past it multiple times before Carola said just buy it and get it over with. I would like to think that the things I buy today will be enjoyed for a long time.

The earliest memories of my love for fabrics are touching beautiful silk sarees in my Grandmother's closet and watch her get dressed. I could watch her for hours...

I remember I used to wait for my Mother to leave me alone at home presumably to do my homework but as soon as a door shut I would run to her dressing table play dress up with her silk sarees, scarves and lipsticks. As soon as she walked in she'd know I'd been up to my usual mischief but I would shake my head from side to side maniacally, make my best puppy face and insist I had been studying.

Okay enough rambling all I wanted to say was, I love fabrics, colours and don't give two hoots about what is in and what is not. Happy Saturday world!