Monday, October 10, 2011

Zero is not a size???!!! Ummm who the hell are you???

I am on a shopping sabbatical, but have been sick and generally miserable lately and therefore I went window shopping. And stuck to, waaay out of my budget kind of stores (couldn't cough up the cash ergo didn't buy anything) and stocked up on free samples of cosmetic/ perfumes etc. Also remembered not to carry any sort of credit card thingamajiggy :D All in all a wonderful day, till I decided to walk into a store to try these turquoise j-brand jeans. I found the smallest size they had (24 inch waist) and went in, now I am reasonably intelligent and do own a couple of j-brand trousers and know that particular size is slightly loose for me. But I like my pants slouchy sometimes and therefore wanted to try if they looked nice albeit slightly on the anti fit side.

I know nothing remarkable at all, till this woman...ummm no make that a BITCH, materializes out of no where just as I come out of the trial room and am telling the lady at the counter, thanks but it really wasn't my size...and this BITCH comes and tell me I don't know why you girls think starving yourself is attractive because you look like a malnourished child from an underdeveloped country. And I am standing there just stunned and she goes on, there are people starving out of no choice and its not pretty. Zero is not a size. I am seething with fury and am contemplating bodily harm but decide to do nothing.

Here's the thing though, I live in Australia but I am from a developing country. I am five feet two and about 42 kilos and my vital stats are 32-22-34, which is perfect for my height. I eat like a pig, sure I have periods when I am maybe too busy or miserable to eat but don't we all??? My only gripe is that why do people think real women are curvy??? Real women come in all sizes no??? I am a real woman and I have never been curvy and yes I am a size 00 and proud of it. I don't starve myself to be this size but should I have to stuff myself so these kind of assholes don't pick on me???

I was bullied insanely when I was younger for being this size and it pisses me off that people are so small minded and want women to confirm to their ideals of what one should look like. I understand it is not right to glorify skinny women but is it okay to pick on someone who is naturally small, to punish them for being a size someone else can't naturally be???

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Spring is in the air

Spring is almost here...Can you hear my delighted squeal that morphed into a contented sigh and then into a giddy giggle? Yes that is me going gaga looking forward to spring...While the whole northern world is preparing for autumn, spring is advancing with shy and hesitant footsteps into Australia. I constantly catch myself muttering away, telling mother nature hurry up hurry up hurry up send some spring our way.

So while I am looking forward to the advent of spring, the little fashionista in me is gleefully planning spring lookbooks with distinctly hippy/ grungy influences. Now I do have to mention that it is still officially the tail end of winter and I have a ear infection and have been advised to stay warm. But some part of me has decided enough is enough, no more winter and i am only being drawn to spring/summer clothes. Yesterday I wore my vintage levis cutoffs out and about town and considering spring isn't really here yet (it was a warmish afternoon) my legs were frozen by the time I got home.

Therefore I decided that while I still have to physically dress in layers I should make a spring mood-board and have been scouring tumblr for spring fashion inspiration pictures and thought I'd share some of them with you...WOW I just realized how much I rambled just to say hey look what I found on tumblr

Anywho...I am desperately in need of knitted shorts of some sort and galaxy print dress thou shall be mine. Yes this is a shout out to my wonderful sister who can make some of my dreams come true :D

All pictures were saved on my computer from tumblr.

Friday, July 22, 2011

Horrifying-est quote I have come across recently

My latest read has been The Chequebook and the cruise missle: Conversations with Arundhati Roy by David Barsamian, and I came across an awful quote by one of the so called greatest men of the twentieth century.

But first, let me just talk about who Arundhati Roy is...She is best known for being a booker prize winning author of "The God of Small Things". But more than that she seems to be a tireless activist of causes that are most ignored by elite Indians. She has been jailed albeit for a day on charges of contempt of the Supreme Court of India, and also (this is hilarious) for corrupting the morals of society with her book. Trust me the book does nothing of that sort pfft to you stupid backward men of India. Anyway to me she comes across as a tremendously passionate and articulate woman.

Now this book ie The Chequebook and the cruise missle, for those of you who have lost track of what I began this post with (yes my rambling seems to have no respect for readers who have to keep up with my thoughts). Okay so I came across a quote from Mr Winston Churchill in 1937 in this book which has been basically paraphrased as follows, he was talking about the Palestinian struggle "I do not believe that the dog in the manger has the right to the manger, simply because he has lain there for so long. I do not believe that the Red Indian has been wronged in America, or the Black man has been wronged in Australia, simply because they have been displaced by a higher, stronger race."

Churchil quoted in the Editorial, "Scrurrying Toward Bethlehem," New Left Review 10, 2nd series (July/ August 2001), pg. 9, n. 5.

So yes, I went and checked the actual quote, no offence meant to anyone but I just couldn't believe my eyes. I mean to have millions of school children taught that this was one of the greatest leaders ever and for this kind of quote to lurk around in written history and still be teaching kids that this was a great man seems extremely horrifying to me. So phew, I basically wanted to rant and rant about this, living in Australia and having had the opportunity to watch documentaries and read about what happened to aboriginals here it is a shame that people could ever think like this and unfortunately there are still people that do.

So boo to your Mr Winston Churchill...I for one think you are a complete moron.

Oh yes the the above mentioned book is the one in the picture and the ridiculously bejewelled hand is me :D

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Ocular hangover of the blingalicious kind

I am on an interstellar overdrive of planet awesomeness...yes i know that sentence makes no sense what so ever, but I do have a valid reason for blubbering incoherently and putting random words together...I was in a jewellery lovers heaven and I still haven't come back to earth...I am sitting in the midst of the very best haul I have had in a long long time and just basking in the joy of knowing all this preciousness is à moi

Okay so roaming the streets of Pune found this random cubbyhole shop thing full of hidden silver and semi precious stone treasures...And managed to empty the entire contents of my wallet at the said cubbyhole...Sadly I had to take leave of the little slice of heaven because the ancient shop keeper did not accept credit cards and I was starting to have distinctly klepto thoughts...Siggggh

P.S. This was an old post lurking in my to be published folder and is actually dated circa July 2010, when I visited home last.

In a permanent state of to be improved

So...I am organizing my blogging presence, having shut down my other blog and focusing on keeping this one alive and kicking. I am tirelessly trying to bring some order to every aspect of my life and decided to streamline my clothing, footwear and jewelery collections.

Now when I say collections I just mean a haphazard pile of things. I have sadly never been able to afford designer wear and hence have had to get very creative and diy-ish (yes i invent words when my vocabulary fails me) and because of that my already out of control hoarder habits have started bordering on a full blown obsession where I am unable to throw anything out. My regular train of thought is maybe I will wear it someday, maybe I will figure out how to style it better later, maybe it will of some use to my future diy projects. But unfortunately all that has happened is me lugging around enormous amount of completely unnecessary things.

Most of my 'never used because I still haven't bought that sewing machine' pile basically has lots of potential and I have sketched what the final items will look like but sadly I lack the sewing skill and the drive to dive into the pile and start making alterations.

So I decided to try and store everything in boxes, suitcases and give some stuff away and be inspired by what I have to stop dressing something akin to a Christmas tree let lose in an Indian bazaar and more like the grown up with a slight penchant for Christmas tree-ish sense of jewellery lading and colour. Haah but this plan was shot from the word go and the boy came into the house thinking there were at least three people at home because I was channeling some of my clothes and speaking to myself convincingly how these items were truly eclectic and it would be a grave mistake to throw any away. So all in all the whole point of my tedious rambling is that I have managed to organize nothing and now everything is draped over every empty surface and I am sitting in the middle of it and looking for order inducing inspiration online.

Oh yea and since I am not really comfortable posting pictures of the awful mess I have made of my things, here are pictures of Bondi beach in summer :D

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Re-discovering the joys of blogging

Soooo...i did jump on the blogging bandwagon somewhere in 08 but then the updating lapsed as life took intercontinental move...a break up of gigantic proportions...studying...figuring out what i wanted to do...basically everything converged into this massive cyclone...but i have been a reader of many a blogs and some of them have really really made my days happier and my outlook shinier with every post...and i just went to myself...why am i not a part of this fun world anymore...but a cruel little person in me keeps telling me...why would anyone want to read your blog??? and truly speaking i don't really know if this is going to be a fashion inspiration board kind of thing...i am still trying to find my sartorial niche...but then i decided to hell with it and i am going to start rambling and see what happens...haha