Sunday, December 30, 2012

Amour eux de la montagne

Dress: Indonesia, Bag: Vintage, Silver: India+Sydney markets, Leather back-pack: Vintage, Shoes: Palladium

We spend the last weekend of the year, at the Blue mountains just outside Sydney exploring caves, walking up and down beautiful mountain tracks, chilling by stunning water falls, saying hello to wild wallabies, eclectus parrots and more water dragons than I was comfortable with. I left the house wearing a pair of fluro pants and my crochet cardie but discovered it was super hot when we got there so I changed into a kinda tattered/ almost backless maxi with my trusty Palladiums, they look great with anything, are super light compared to other hiking boots I've seen and they were exceedingly useful on the Himalayas during monsoon, even more than the professional walking shoes that people had bought for heaps more money, I rest my case. I don't know about anyone else but for me, Palladiums rule! I can't wait to buy a few more on sale, been eyeing the leather ones lately but I think the canvas pairs can take more beating. Hope everyone is has awesome end of the year plans, and 2013 is wonderful! Happy Sunday all!

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

An ode to Sydney's Northern Beaches

Golden sand, surrounded by native bushland, national parks, lagoons, peaceful waterways, cascading water falls and about eighteen beaches on a stretch of approximately thirty kilometers, known as the beautiful coastal suburbs of Sydney's magnificent Northern beaches. We spent Boxing day away from the year end sales stampedes and walking along the coast in the bushlands of Whale Beach, Palm beach, Barrenjoe lighthouse, Oxford falls, eating at little local cafes, collecting succulents, playing in the sand, getting splashed by the waves and let me tell you it beats trying to find your size in a pair of jeans that the latest fashion magazine deems a must-have!

Northern Beaches is also home to brands like One teaspoon, Ksubi etc and I love the cheerful, laid back vibe and the true local Aussie charm of the people there. Everyone we met was a treat and the dogs were out of this world. And to make matters more fun personal style wise I was wearing one of my treasured Chrissy gifts, the One teaspoon flared Ziggy's that have become my second skin since I got them. They are the perfect super flares and as I walked they collected heaps of sand and plenty of sea weed which made me love them even more. I wore them with a soft, worn to pieces white tee, vintage plaid shirt, a cloth bag from India, heaps of silver and jumped around amidst stunning natural beauty to my heart's content. Trust me the pictures do no justice to the landscape as well the Ziggy's you really have to be face to face to truly appreciate them.

Hope everyone had a wonderful holiday and your year end plans are gearing up to be truly special. Have a great day!

Monday, December 24, 2012

Seasons greetings in block print

Lately the sometimes sunny but suddenly not so warm temperatures in Sydney have made it easy to wear my maxi dresses and boots, therefore instead of complaining about the undecidedness of the weather I choose to be happy that I can indulge in a little light layering. As I have already waxed eloquent about my love for block print fabrics, I will not bore you with more of the same but just leave you with the pictures of this amazing dress that I wore traveling across the Himalayas and this perfectly worn-in vintage leather back-pack.

All my presents are packed and ready to be opened in a few hours, the wine's chilling in the fridge, appetizer kebabs are marinating, meat for the roast is thawing, I can hear the boy packing my presents upstairs and here I am chilling in another cotton block printed dress waiting for the festivities to well and truly begin. I hope all of you'll are having fun celebrating whatever holiday you wish to observe. Happy Holidays world!

Dress: Anokhi, Leather boots and bag: Vintage

Saturday, December 22, 2012


Since my last post I've been keeping busy working, getting things ready for the holiday and our special guest, gardening, finishing a few DIY projects and I am pleased to present the results of more needlework on denim personalization. After my first few projects went well, I got more confident, a few boxes of mirrors from the craft store and some furious embroidering later I finally had a Mexican day of the dead sugar skull-esque design on my old mink pink skirt and a paisley mirror work patch on my old Levi's 501s. It gives me lots of joy that I am wearing something that I personalized myself, not to mention a whole new fun twist to my old clothes and I am happy to report I haven't been tempted by any new pairs of shorts this summer inspite of greedily eyeing a few things from Ksubi and Insight :D

The best part about this spring/ summer has been our new balcony garden and it is awesome to see things we've planted grow with abandon all over the place. I might have to stop planting new cuttings because it already resembles a mini jungle, has started to attract weird looking insects and heaps of birds and I am afraid of tempting native wildlife (read scary lizards) to pay us a visit. I hope everyone is having a beautiful lead up to the holidays and spending heaps of time with loved ones. Happy Saturday all!

Sunday, December 9, 2012

Look at your Game, Girl

Tee, cardie and back-pack: Vintage, Silver jewellery: Gifted+India

See, I was able to resist my constant vest wearing impulse but then ofcourse I went back to my love of crochet, band tees and acid wash skinnies, what can I say I love my little basics. So today I decided to rummage through my bag storage and pull my leather back-packs out, please expect them to be repeated over and over again, its just so easy to dump all that I need to carry around in them. This or a variation of this is something I constantly live in and try as I might to resist I always reach for them when I am getting dressed and don't want to bother over thinking.

Something that's been on my mind recently has been the whole children thinking that they are entitled to something from their parents idea. I mean to think that your parents will pay your rent, your deposit, your phone bills and anything else that you need, just because, is an idea that seriously boggles my mind. Don't get me wrong I don't want to be preachy, for a long time I was a little miffed that I wasn't allowed to go to art school, then I realized since my Dad paid for my education so he wasn't completely wrong in having a say. I should have looked for more avenues to follow my dreams on my own steam. But eventually I have come to a point where I value my independence and love knowing that I am responsible for myself.

What I can't wrap my mind around is ungrateful children who have been given the education and means to support themselves and still make their parents pay for things they want and then sulk if someone else's family does more than their parents do! They expect parents to pay for lavish weddings but don't want to pay for a single thing from their own pocket and if that's not enough, they want to be completely hideous to the person who's footing the bill, like seriously??!!! I mean I really honestly for the life of me cannot understand the thought processes of such human beings. Okay rant over but not really. I really can't wrap my head around this and would welcome insights from anyone who cares to weigh in.

Onto cheerier topics its the weekend yaaay, already past mid-day Sunday here but it was a lazy weekend well-spent Christmas gift hunting, planting and re-potting and playing with clothes and bags :D Happy Sunday all!

Friday, December 7, 2012

Vest obsession still going strong

Skirt: Bondi markets, Crop top: Factorie, Vest: Vintage Levis, Wedges: Wittner, Jewellery: Gifted+India

Okay we've got to accept that I am officially obsessed with my vest, its just so perfect I try to wear it everyday with everything or did for the first few days after I hacked the sleeves off. Now I am back to obsessing about crochet and flared pants which doesn't mean that you've seen the last of this vest. I am just planning my DIY and then I'll probably sleep in it for a month.

Yesterday, I came home to a beautiful package from my bestest friend and it has made me a happy little girl. Among other things it has this totally rad singlet that I cannot wait to wear, since it was meant as my Christmas gift I am going to try to wait for Christmas to wear it or as close as I can get to the holidays. Baaaah, I have no patience! Basically my point of telling you this mundane detail of my life is that surprise packages make me happy therefore they must make other people happy as well ergo people should send each other more handwritten letters, postcards, notes and packages :D

Happy lead up to the holidays everyone, eight sleeps to go till a very special person visits the boy and I...CANNOT WAIT!

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

And the oversize denim fest continues

Denim vest: Hacked vintage Levis, Booties: Whittner, Silver jewellery: Gifted+India+Sydney markets

Organizing my closet has resulted in many delightful discoveries one of them had been two identical Levis oversize denim jackets et voila my new favourite denim vest. Paired with yet another worn to death band tee, a gifted ballet skirt and booties, I had an outfit that I loved. Easy peasy! Although its been hard to take the vest off plus I am constantly thinking of DIY patchwork ideas and forgetting to pay attention when I am crossing the street etc. Does anyone else obsess about things like this constantly? Hope everyone's Christmas plans are on track, I haven't even started shopping yet. Off I go to look at goodies online. Happy mid week all!

Monday, December 3, 2012

Vintage silk shirts make wonderful dresses

Silk shirt/ dress and leather bag: Vintage, Shoes: Zara, Jewelery: Gifted+India

The title says it all, wore this grocery shopping the other day to stock up dwindling food supplies. I love that someone thought of giving new life to wonderful vintage shirts in a way that is totally current and comfortable to wear plus how cool is this grey/blue colour? The Christmas decorations are up everywhere and I am soaking in the festive atmosphere. I still haven't started on my Christmas gift list but have my eye on a few things that the special people in my life will hopefully appreciate. Whats on your Christmas gift/ wish-list?

Saturday, December 1, 2012

No matter what

Shorts: Vintage Levis 501s, Boots and Bag: Vintage, Jewellery: Gifted+India+Sydney markets

No matter what, if I am dressing in a hurry I will pull out a pair of cut off denims, a hacked tank, some sort of oversize jacket thing and boots. I've noticed this becoming my go to outfit and might have to shake things up a bit. Wore this last week hanging out in Hyde park, climbing trees and having a couple of beers after work. Its really hot today and I cannot wait for the boy to get home so we can head to the beach for a much needed dip. Eeeeeeee so excited that I can't write too much. Have a wonderful Saturday whatever you get up to :D

Thursday, November 29, 2012

Des fringues vintage

Skirt and Bag: Vintage, Shoes: Wittner, Top: Portmans, Jewellery: Gifted+India+Sydney markets

I've had this leather skirt forever but I needed the upheaval caused by the move to re-discovered it at the bottom of a suitcase and wore it the other day to get some burritos in Surry hills with the boy. It makes me happy that I looked for ages to find the perfect vintage skirt rather than buy one brand new at AA or somewhere else because I don't have to live with the guilt of buying first hand leather. Worn here with a top whose back detail I love, brogues and my current favourite vintage leather bag that looks small but can be stuffed with heaps of things aka the best kinda bag. The post title just means vintage clothes in colloquial French because I am dying to go vintage shopping in Paris. On a cheerier note its almost Friday, Yaaay!