Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Indigo vegetable dyed beauty

Indigo tunic and Jewellery: India, Bag: Gift, Boots: France

I have a deep abiding love for all kinds of ethnic textiles especially if it involves, vegetable/ tie dyes, block print, patch work, embroidery and the list keep going. I bought this tunic because I fell in love with the deep indigo hue but it wasn't really my size and then I sat home and sewed and hemmed till it has become this perfect shapeless sack that I love. I don't really know how to use a sewing machine and don't have access to one therefore do any alterations that I have to by hand. I reaaally reaaally want to learn to sew and be able to whip up atleast basic things and be able to do minor alterations. Something to add to the already super long to-do list.

The silver enameled kundan earrings are hand-made by a small jeweler in a pattern that I chose. Kundan enameled Jewellery is created by setting different shaped, cut and polished multi coloured gemstones or enamel into a metal base. Its one of my most favourite kinds of jewelery but then again I love lots of different kinds of bijoux.
In other news I have just cut up a penny-lane-esque leather skirt today and can't wait to wear it. I might even dress as a messed up groupie for Halloween lets see. Hope everyone has had a good start to the week. Happy Monday all :D

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Keit said...

Adorable dress and great with those booties. The chocker is a very nice touch! Awesome once again! ^^