Sunday, February 10, 2013

Maxi skirts and cats

We woke up today to a glorious, sunny, beautiful day and ofcourse promptly decided to go to the beach. Although normally I like isolated coasts and avoid Australia's most famous beach, Sunday is market day at Bondi and off we went towards non-shopping-mall goodies. But by the time we got to the water it was getting darker with the clouds threatening to erupt as well as the wind being nasty, so off we went exploring the little lanes, peeking at gardens and ofcourse petting furry cuties who decided to say hello. Here's a few pictures of what I was wearing as well the Bondi just before it started to rain. I know most people like to post pictures of sunny beaches but I really find the seashore exceedingly beautiful even in the rain plus hardly any people and lots of seagulls, win win.

Since I wanted to wear something I could take off easily and I am trying to not always reach for my cut-offs, I went for my second favourite thing, a flouncy skirt in a print that makes me miss the sights and sounds of India. Gauzy cotton skirts have been my favourite since I was little and the paisley and flowers on this one make me feel like a wood nymph (I have been waiting FOREVER to discover I have some magic in me). Funny thing is, I have the exact same skirt, in the same colours (which you've seen here) that I justified buying because it had elephants at the bottom not flowers! I am starting to think there might be a problem but as they make me feel pretty I am going to ignore the existence of an obsession and simply say I LOVE printed maxi skirts.

And since I had already resisted the temptations of my denim shorts, I wasn't strong enough to resist a plaid shirt (another one of my wardrobe staples) and also I am not one of those people who think repeating outfits is a crime. I want to hold on to my goodies for a lonng lonng time, that means I will definitely wear them heaps and anyway I am not one of those bloggers who will apologise for repeating items of clothing. I am trying to reduce my consumption and not be part of the use once and throw mentality. While walking about we found this garage door covered with a divine tie-dye bedsheet and I couldn't resist taking a picture in front of it and look how cute is the Ganesh on it. I can't wait to make a tie-dye shirt and draw or embroider Ganapati to make it even more awesome. And on top of all the Ganesh goodness meeting not one but two feline beauties today was the highlight of my day and yes, I am one of those people who spam instagram feeds with pictures of cats.

So basically I rambled on and on just to say, I went to the beach, wore a pretty skirt, saw an amazing bed-sheet and met cutie kitties. Hope you'll had a wonderful weekend whatever you did!

Printed maxi+some jewellery: India, Swimmers: Tiger lily, Plaid shirt: Op-shopped Levis, Suede boots: Witchery, Leather bucket bag: Vintage


Helga! said...

OMG, look at your sexacious bod!!!
I used to live in Bondi, at the top of Curlewis St, the Old South Head Rd end. This was 87/88/89. Doesn't look too different!
I adore your skirt, and I adore the term "swimmers" Haven't heard it in a while! We went out to the beach yesterday, but as often happens here, it got all overcast on the way, so I didn't end up going for a swim. Bugger!

Vix said...

What a fantastic figure you've got, the perfect body for a low-slung hippy skirt and bikini top. I'd dress like you all the time if I lived somewhere warmer!
Love that cat crouching by you, they know a wise soul when they see one.
Bondi Beach? How amazing! As a Midlands dweller I couldn't live any further from the sea. xxx