Monday, October 10, 2011

Zero is not a size???!!! Ummm who the hell are you???

I am on a shopping sabbatical, but have been sick and generally miserable lately and therefore I went window shopping. And stuck to, waaay out of my budget kind of stores (couldn't cough up the cash ergo didn't buy anything) and stocked up on free samples of cosmetic/ perfumes etc. Also remembered not to carry any sort of credit card thingamajiggy :D All in all a wonderful day, till I decided to walk into a store to try these turquoise j-brand jeans. I found the smallest size they had (24 inch waist) and went in, now I am reasonably intelligent and do own a couple of j-brand trousers and know that particular size is slightly loose for me. But I like my pants slouchy sometimes and therefore wanted to try if they looked nice albeit slightly on the anti fit side.

I know nothing remarkable at all, till this woman...ummm no make that a BITCH, materializes out of no where just as I come out of the trial room and am telling the lady at the counter, thanks but it really wasn't my size...and this BITCH comes and tell me I don't know why you girls think starving yourself is attractive because you look like a malnourished child from an underdeveloped country. And I am standing there just stunned and she goes on, there are people starving out of no choice and its not pretty. Zero is not a size. I am seething with fury and am contemplating bodily harm but decide to do nothing.

Here's the thing though, I live in Australia but I am from a developing country. I am five feet two and about 42 kilos and my vital stats are 32-22-34, which is perfect for my height. I eat like a pig, sure I have periods when I am maybe too busy or miserable to eat but don't we all??? My only gripe is that why do people think real women are curvy??? Real women come in all sizes no??? I am a real woman and I have never been curvy and yes I am a size 00 and proud of it. I don't starve myself to be this size but should I have to stuff myself so these kind of assholes don't pick on me???

I was bullied insanely when I was younger for being this size and it pisses me off that people are so small minded and want women to confirm to their ideals of what one should look like. I understand it is not right to glorify skinny women but is it okay to pick on someone who is naturally small, to punish them for being a size someone else can't naturally be???