Saturday, July 28, 2012

Vintage Versace goodness

Vintage Versace shorts: DIY-ed gifted jeans, Boots: Gifted, Hat: Myers, Jewellery: All over, Everything else: Thrifted

I have been on the look out for the perfect pair of Mom jeans to hack into a pair of boy-friend shorts that are back-packing across India-suitable and a friend just gave me her old vintage Versace, made in Italy jeans that were then DIY-ed into this man-repeller goodness. They hang off me in a shape that apparently is pleasant only to my eyes and I am in LOVE with them. I love items that travel all over the world like these boots, they were ordered online by the boy, delivered to his address in Europe and flew to Sydney with his friend and are my new footwear obsession.

I don't think I need to elaborate on my love for crochet, tie-dye, silver jewellery or carpet bags because looking at my pictures one can definitely tell I hoard all items of the above mentioned description. I put these things together haphazardly just because it was warmish, I wanted to wear my shorts, twirl my crochet shawl around, pretend to be a witch and obviously take photos. I think I succeeded and am going to bed a happy little girl. Have a great weekend all!

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Yessss! I can finally play with HTML

Tie-Dye skirt: Jay Jays, Black crochet top: Thrifted, Crochet cardigan: Thrifted/ Vintage, Boots: Country Road, Jewellery: All over, Carpet bag: Vintage

Hi guys! I have figured out how to make the pictures in my posts larger by editing HTML and am super stoked. I am sure this isn't really an impressive development for most of you guys but for a technically challenged person like me it is like reaching a super advanced level previously un-thought of. I am glad I figured it out in time for this outfit post because it combines all my favourite elements namely tie-dye, crochet, leather, silver, Chelsea boots AND it is mostly thrifted/ vintage.

On other things inspirational I have found this awesome diy dip-dye jean tutorial with a link to finding great dyes locally in Australia in Define Inspired, a rad blog that I cannot believe I have just found. And this is inspite of all the hanging out that I seem to do online oh well! Better late than never. But honestly stupendous style and great DIY.

I've got the plumber here fixing our bathroom taps and grouting therefore can't think of more to write. Happy Wednesday everyone! Nine sleeps to holiday-land Yaaaaaaaaay!

Monday, July 23, 2012

White bird

Crochet dress: Op-shopped, Belt: India, Bag: African markets, Moccasins: Minnetonka, Kimono: Random shop in Paddington, Jewellery: All over

I've been crazy busy working non-stop; saving money for my trip eeeeeeeeeee two weeks before my back-packing sojourn in the Himalayas and the Thar desert with one of my best friends, CANNOT WAIT. With weather here playing spoilt sport and the crazy schedule I haven't really had much time this week for fun outing or outfit posts but this morning we had a little burst of sunshine therefore I couldn't help but wear my favourite combination of crochet with Kimono/Cape. And paired it with my beloved rings, leather bracelets and belt, tooled African leather cross-body bag and my moccasins basically all my favourite things. The belt I mentioned in one of my previous posts can be seen more clearly in this one, isn't she the prettiest? I wish it was summer and we had all the music festivals to go to, ah well come November when the northern hemisphere prepares for winter we'll be looking forward to the beautiful almost tropical Sydney summer.

On another note, I have just discovered a great great blog Madame de Rosa, most of it is in Spanish but the pictures are lovely and she wears the most original outfits. She's extremely popular and maybe you have heard of her already but I cannot stop myself from sharing inspirational finds. I have just gone through almost all of her blog and am left wanting more. Here are a few of her pictures; SHEER BRILLIANCE. Have a lovely week everyone!

The last four pictures are from Madame de Rosa's blog.

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Turquoise suede

Suede jacket: Vinnies, Paddington, Tunic: Cotton-on, Heels: Witchery

Okay I know this look is not super put together or anything; neither is the background pretty; sorry about that btw, the whole point of this post is the turquoise suede jacket. I know what you are thinking if the point is the jacket why didn't I just put it on a hanger and take pictures? Well because it fits me amazingly well, in the sense that its not too fitted and its not too anti-fit either aka PERFECT. Okay I know turquoise suede jackets are not that uncommon or anything but these are thrifted, bought for almost nothing, fit me perfectly! I mean seriously how much more can one ask for?

I was soooo excited with this bargain buy that I've been wearing it non-stop even when the boy decided to make some carbonara at home yesterday evening. I dressed for our at home dinner-date in this little tunic, my fave jacket, turquoise anklets and heels. Since I dress for myself why should I have to wait to go out to doll up? We took the photos after dinner and to tell you the truth I didn't like the pictures but I still decided to put them up. I think its not really about putting up perfect pictures we have fashion magazines for that, its about sharing what I find exciting. And I find amazing thrift finds extremely fun therefore you have this entire post of me rambling about my awesome suede beauty. Happy Saturday everyone!

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

In which I wear Pashmina and twirl

Corduroy shorts: Factorie, Boots: Vinnies, Bag: Fossil, Pashmina: India, DIY-ed, Head-band: Sportsgirl, Leather braided belt: India, Grey cotton sweater: Jay Jays

This shawl is one of the finest examples of Ladakhi pashmina I've ever come across and trust me I have owned/ bought/ and played with many. I love the warmth, the feel of the softness against my skin and to me it was already perfect but then during one of my long college holidays I was bored and just obsessively made beaded jewellery, embroidered everything in sight and stitched beads and sequins on to everything. And during that needle and bead attack I also worked my craziness on this shawl and found it recently in my pile of random lurking objects at the bottom of my wardrobe. And since then I've been wearing it non-stop, twirling till I get dizzy. Most of the pictures taken for this outfit post looked like this one.

These boots are one of my favourite thrifted/ vintage finds EVER. I was trawling the internet for the longest time for a good quality sqarish toed 90s vintage boots and then I walked into the Paddo Vinnies randomly and found them sitting on the top shelf. Buttery soft leather, perfectly worn in, with scuffs just where I want them, ankle length, made in Portugal and for $15, SCORE and a half. I mean seriously sometimes I wonder why I buy things new at all, the joy of finding the perfect vintage beauty in just the right size is so much better than just walking into a shoe store and getting a pair that I know atleast a few more girls will be wearing. Okay I am not going start off on a rant about sustainable/ recycled/ vintage/ thrifted fashion but just saying its much more like a treasure hunt and who doesn't like treasure hunts?

Now on to the belt, you can't really see it clearly but again its the perfectly worn in leather that I love and its got this massive silver buckle thing that makes it even more perfect. It was bought from a hippie on one of my many visits to the flea markets on the beaches of Goa and always brings back memories of awesome times. This look may not be super put together or anything but I was just going to get a hot dog by the Wooloomooloo wharfs with the boy and just piled some of my favourite things on top of each other. I will leave you with pictures of the hotdog at Sydney's iconic Harry’s CafĂ© de Wheels, a mobile food caravan operating since the 1930s and is now declared as a 'quintessential Sydney icon' by the national trust of Australia. Happy mid-week people.

Monday, July 16, 2012

The boyfriend tee

Shorts: Don't ask Amanda via General pants, Bag: Indonesia, Boots: Nine west, Tank: Cut up the boy's tee, Cardigan: Vintage Pringle

I had my eye on this tee for months before the boy accidentally dropped some bleach on it and made a few holes doing God knows what. To my utter glee he didn't want to wear it too much anymore but I still had to wait longer to have it in my paws and then snip snip and I have one of the comfiest tanks :D

I cannot understand how a little character to clothing is not seen as a good thing by everybody, maybe because I value comfort and well ventilated clothing over everything else. But on a serious note I just don't understand the lure of fast/ cheap fashion that to me has no character, no history, is just blah. This tee shirt for example was bought before a holiday to the south of France, Spain and Amsterdam and then travelled all the way to Sydney via Abu Dhabi and now I wear it all the time and probably will take it on trips with me. BEAT THAT MASS PRODUCED, BACK STORY LESS, SWEATSHOP PRODUCTS!

Okay I don't want this to end up becoming a rant about dodgy labour practices but I'd be a happier person if everyone I know would buy more and more from thrift stores and op shops. And now on to the beauty from Kuta, Indonesia, isn't she super pretty? She is waiting to meet her new Momma aka my sister whose jewellery collection I am waiting to raid. Hence all the bribery. Have a great week everyone!

Saturday, July 14, 2012

Date Night

Leather skirt: India, Sweater: Country road, Leather jacket: IRO, Silver Jewellery: India and Mexico, Shoes: Wittner, Wallet: Fossil

So I have finally succumbed to the flu infection going around and was all crabby today because I was sore and achy from fever. The boy took me to eat my favourite things to cheer me up and I was so excited to have an excuse to dress up that I actually started feeling better. True story! :D

So this is what I wear out when I don't want to put too much thought into dressing up, buttery soft leather skirt as well as jacket and 100 percent merino wool sweater, beanie plus comfy wedge heels. Simple and nice without being cute aka perfect for me. What do you wear on a date?

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Silk and crochet

Balinese silk dressing gown and belt: Op shopped, Crochet dress: Vintage, Bondi markets, Jewellery: Glebe markets,India and Mexico, Boots: India, Leggings: Tibetan market

Such a gloomy gloomy Thursday, the boy was sickety sick, i felt under the weather, the skies matched our mood therefore I decided to wear something that would cheer me up and added turquoise to the mixture to up the happy. I think I am happy with the result, I mean a keen eye can spot residual gloomy-ness creeping into the pictures but atleast I made an effort.

This crochet dress is another yummy vintage find from the Bondi markets and I am happy to say I now cannot imagine my life without it. Seriously I don't know what I'd do without band tees, denim, leather, crochet and block print cotton and silk AND silver jewellery loads and loads of silver jewellery. Okay all this rambling is happening because I have been planning my packing and cannot take all my favourite things. Ten weeks without all my pretty beauties in a country that is filled with chauvinistic men and people who think women who dress in sleeveless tops are asking to be eve-teased or raped is looking pretty daunting.

Thank God I have my lovely family to keep me company. Gaaah where I can fill a petition to get the airlines to increase their luggage allowance?

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Wishful Sinful

Crochet skirt: Vintage, Bondi markets, Jim Morrison tank: Ancient Diy-ed, Boots: India, Back-pack: Stussy, Wool hat: Myers (I think) Jewellery: All over

Mr. Morrison makes me go weak in my knees, all wistful and wishing I was born in the swinging sixties. I louvvvvvve this tank that I've had forever but never ceases to please me and seems to go with everything. Even a shapeless crochet skirt that I threaded a string of elastic through. Wore it this afternoon to walk around the neighborhood running errands, it was a warm-ish day and therefore the lack of woollen layering and leggings. So much fun!

This skirt is not very stable, I need to keep re-tying the elastic to keep it over my hips and then I met this adorable over excited puppy and it almost fell on a heap near my ankles. Only super quick reflexes saved me from being skirtless in the middle of the street, although come to think of it I'd probably have giggled uncontrollably and pulled it up like its nothing out of the ordinary. Ah well!

These shoes are my current love and are on a high rotation with everything I wear. Apart from that I don't really have much to say because I have just discovered that this weekend both Saturday and Sunday are going to be super nice and sunny therefore I am day dreaming about weekend exploits about to happen. The boy just needs to hurry up and beat the flu bugs. Happy mid-week everyone!