Sunday, November 24, 2013

In which I wear a block print tent and love it

So here I am posting after ages in yet another Indian block print dress; what can I say except for agreeing with the fact that I am a poster child for being obsessed with the same thing for decades. Trends come and go, some people think I am ridiculous colourful others think my clothes are super cool based on either what appeals to their tastes but mostly based on what's deemed in or out.

I am tired of trends and know what makes me feel good and no amount of funny jokes or outright nastiness is going to make an iota of difference. Initially I wanted to maybe trim the hem of this beauty but better sense prevailed (Thank you Mummy) and I decided to wear it in its full length flowing glory.

Hope life's been treating you well. I know I have been a lax in the commenting department lately and I am sorry. Happy Sunday world!

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Twilight twirls

Sometimes one can't be bothered wearing actual clothes, I just pull out silky somethings in colours I love and decide that will my outfit. And nothing goes better with apology for clothing like a bright embroidered Kutchi bag and loads of jewels.

Oversize silk top worn as dress, Boots: Nine-West, Jewellery: India+Markets

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Spring block print love

Its officially the season when new leaves and flowers bloom, I can wear lighter layers and summer is just round the corner. And spring summer to me is block-print-fabrics-in-all-the-colours-of-the-rainbow season, yaay...

To be honest though, my favourite game right now is "what am I going to wear in Paris?" interspaced with "wait! What am I going to wear in Amsterdam?" Can you tell I am excited?

Its about half a dozen weeks to take-off, rouge winter coat is in my virtual shopping cart, I am constantly browsing websites for what to do there and lamenting the exchange rate between the Australian Dollar and the Euro.

I think I got my constant penchant of changing clothes from all the Hindi movie songs where the heroine changes half a dozen times in the space of one five-to-seven minute song.

I digress, all I am trying to say is I love wearing my block print dresses in warm weather but I am also obsessed with winter clothes right now. Phew! Happy mid-week lovelies.

Dress: Anokhi, Jewellery: India and Sydney Markets, Beanie: Peru