Saturday, August 29, 2015

Rock n Roll in a Saree

These pictures were taken on a pre-spring fun afternoon out and feature my current favourite way of wearing a saree. This way let's me move/ dance freely,look good with heavy duty boots and/ or leather jacket and above all allows me sit on a bike. I can't wait to get more sarees and wear them more often. It sometimes astounds me when the rest of the world is so unaware of the rich, luxurious textile traditions of Indian and the a many other parts of Asia. The joy that comes from wearing handloom silk, khadi, cotton or wool is second to none. And I'd rather wear a vintage saree than a dress made in a sweatshop somewhere!

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Vix said...

These photos are absolutely wonderful. I love you you are wearing your sari with rock 'n' roll attitude. xxx