Friday, December 9, 2016

Weekend getaway from Sydney

We got slightly tired of the urbanscape and escaped to the Southern Highlands in NSW for a weekend. It was a glorious weekend of exploring tiny little country towns, eating fresh produce, walking/ driving along dirt tracks and rivers, splashing about in waterfalls, spotting wildlife, drinking the local beer, exploring markets, buying plants and generally having the most tranquil break from the hectic end of year rush.

I wore easy breathable cottons over bathers with either a pair of flip-flops or my trusty Palladiums, carrying just two pairs of shoes is an achievement for me. I used to be someone that packed a bunch of unnecessary stuff when travelling and I think I am getting better at packing stuff I actually use and not much else.

Here I am wearing my favourite hand-block print fabric shorts and men's shirt with a simple leather cross-body and my boots that I can walk/ hike for hours in. The landscape around the area was stunning and trust me the pictures don't do it justice. There were miles and miles of rolling meadows, quaint farm-houses with farm animals and wild kangaroos, stunning cliff faces with massive waterfalls dotted with myraid colours of wild birds plus the colours of the land and the greenery were straight out of a painting. Seriously beautiful stuff that is being sorely missed now that I am staring out at a construction site!

A road trip around lush tropical rain-forests, watching the sun-set behind undulating landscape and chatting with friendly locals (while cuddling their furry babies) have to be some of my top favourite things to do. And the best part was, a lot of the holiday decor was beautiful, earthy, hand crafted and lacking the tackiness of plastic baubles flooding Sydney right now. I came back refreshed, rejuvenated and with some great ideas for holiday decorations.

What are your summer weekend away favourites?

Friday, December 2, 2016

Travel Photos: Erskine Falls, Great Ocean Road

Here are some photos from when we went to Melbourne and drove up the Great Ocean Road, it was a spectacular ride but I get car sick so the highlight for me was the beautiful Erskine falls we walked down to and scampered around in the cold.

There is a reason I

Sunday, November 20, 2016

Swinging by the seaside at sunset

Boyfriend shorts, with a silk barely there top over bathers is my uniform du jour when the weather permits it.

Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Running around a dry waterfall in Ko Samuii

This water-fall was fun to get to, riding a rickety scooter up a hill, stopping for some tender coconuts and then walking down to the ravines.
There was no water as we went before the monsoons but it was really fun to run up and down the rocks with a puppy that was wandering about.

An old hand block-print top with denim cut-offs, slip-ons and a locally made bag completed the look for the day. Nothing special, just travel comfort appropriate.

Monday, October 31, 2016

Food markets in Ko Samui

So, we went to Ko Samui and spent a blissful few days on the island just chilling, getting massages, beach bumming, eating fresh sea-food/ luscious fruits, riding up hills on 120cc scooters and generally just having a wonderful time.

The evenings were spent walking around night markets, ogling at the yummy food, stuffing our faces by the water, splashing around in the pool and just passing out. Exactly how vacations are meant to be.

Dressing for island life is easy, just a singlet of some sort over bathers, shorts, canvas slip-ons, sunscreen and a carpet-bag. I literally wore a variation of this outfit for days and didn't get bored..

Sunday, August 14, 2016

Kalamkari mini

Kalamkari hand-block print is something I cannot get enough of, this dress was a weirdly shaped maxi that did nothing for me even after alterations so I just cut it off and let the ends fray. I love the sleeves and can now wear it with cut-off or full length denims, yaaaaay!

Makes perfect weekend wear in my opinion, what are your weekend wear staples?

Sunday, August 7, 2016

Another anarkali with vans on a hike

So here's one of my light 'hiking' appropriate outfit on a winter's day in Sydney; icebreaker merino baselayer, jeans, beat-up vans and a Kalamkari hand block-print anarkali to keep up with an energetic puppy in a rain-forest. I really cannot get enough of flowy block print full-length dresses, I find it appropriate for any activity. What do you wear on hikes/ bushwalks?

Saturday, July 30, 2016

Block print anarkalis in winter

Wearing yet another block print anaarkali but have just slightly rugged it up for winter, you have seen similar dresses here, here, here and here. The whole point is that I wear similar things over and over again because they are easy, comfy and make me happy, I needed to feel happy today..let's say I had an eventful Friday night and a painful Saturday morning.

So I just put on a happy block-print tent, drank lots of fluids, hung out at pretty parks by the water in the afternoon and playing with my sketch-book in the evening. What does your weekend look like?