Saturday, June 30, 2012

Easy breezy market bound

Mexican dress: Glebe Markets, Jewellery: India, Boots: Nine West, Yellow suede bag: Random pop-up shop

I wore this easy breezy outfit with silver bling to and around the Paddington markets on Saturday. A warm winter's day with the sun shining merrily on us, had yummy rocket salad and fresh pasta for lunch and then walked to all over Oxford street and around the leafy lanes of Paddington with no clear direction or destination in mind. One of the best laid back Saturday afternoons in a lonnnnng time. Got to play with loads of puppies and came home cajoling the boy to go look at a few up for adoption at the local animal shelters. Hope we are finally over the wet spell and the rest of the winter is as beautiful weather wise.

Turquoised Ikat

Ikat dress from the Glebe markets, silver and turquoise jewellery from India, Boots: Wittner

Anyone who knows me knows that I love my tie-dye, block print, shibori, ikat and ethnic fabrics therefore it comes as no surprise that I love this dress that combines crochet detailing with Ikat in a blue colour that makes me feel like I am dressed in lapis lazuli. And I woke up to this glorious weather on market saturday, the smiley in the sky echoes my sentiments completely.

I am off to the markets and might do a post on people watching and market trawling later today. Happy Saturday all.

Friday, June 29, 2012

Little miss witch

According to some people I apparently look 12 years old in this outfit and I didn't know if I was meant to be pleased or offended by that comment. I decided to take it as a compliment that I can unintentionally look over a decade younger without the help of crazy cosmeceuticals. I detest the obsession most people have with looking younger and in no way do I support the youth obsessed culture we seem to be a part of. I only remember that being 12 was super fun, I had no responsibilities, knew everything in my life would always be okay because I had everything I needed and everyone I loved around me.

The only thing I was sad about at that age was that I was finally starting to conclude that I wasn't a witch. I still had some hope that I would levitate at 16 and finally have people tell me I wasn't a muggle, clearly that didn't happen. And I'd give anything to feel that way again, therefore looking twelve can only be good in my book.

Sparkle Pleasures

I don't really have much to say about this outfit apart from the fact that j'adore sparkly things and I love being on a Joy Division bender. I still remember the day I discovered them, cas you know where I come from its hard to be able to hear anything over the cacophony of Bollywood.

It was one early morning before school, I heard them on Mtv and remember being mesmerized and thinking WOW! I need this in my life. And it was a couple of weeks before I was able to listen to more (this was before internet, google and youtube) and I've been hooked ever since then. And what's more fun than combining shiny, sparkly things with a perfectly worn in tattered tee, my favourite boots and a studded denim shirt? Nothing in my opinion. Have a great day everyone.

Thursday, June 28, 2012

90s sitcom flashback

Does any one else remember and miss Clarissa Explains it all? It was something my sister and I were a little bit obsessed with as pre-teens. Haha! Not many people remember or mention it these days but back in the day I certainly thought it was awesome. And the best part about the series? Clarissa and Sam (her guy best friend), with their co-ordinated/ miss matched outfits and super cool friendship. It was and still is cool to have a TV pair of the opposite sex who donot end up romantically involved.

Just the other day I watched an episode online and to my surprise still enjoyed it. Not to mention her bedroom sigh! I still think it was the coolest place for anyone, any age! I mean sure my tastes have matured (Haah!) a little bit but there are still things to loveeeeeeee! And her creation of video games based on situations in her life resonated with me because I used to draw/ write little comic strips. They were mostly of mentally ejecting most of my school teachers beyond 500km radius of me but hey! she had her struggles and I had mine.

And I totally was into her way of dressing, she may have been one of my very first inspirations. Clearly I still haven't outgrown my love of wearing every single hue in the colour wheel. And after watching yet another episode I fished out a tie-dye dress that is the long lost twin of Sam's tee-shirt, dressed up, put my favourite boots on and demanded to go somewhere fun. My long-suffering boy-friend smiled indulgently and off we went to get some yummier than yummy gelato. Salted coconut and mango gelato and tie-dye sam inspired dress are a match made in heaven.

All pictures via tumblr.

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Mix n Un-Match

Does anyone think that Maxi dresses/ skirts are the best thing invented by people? I certainly think so...The best part is I can pile layers upon layers of blankety clothing and still not look like a walking bed! I am a complete baby when it comes to the cold and the fear that I might freeze makes me do completely irrational things.

The worst part is that Sydney isn't even super cold, I mean it is but it doesn't snow or anything. I can barely handle the cold, wind and the rain, if it snowed I think I would just curl up in a fetal position under my doonas and refuse to function for the duration of the cold spell. As it is I dress like we're living in the Arctic circle.

Anywho in order to cheer myself up today I piled on the jewellery. I know it looks a bit much to normal people but on my planet this is almost minimalistic. What? Move to a different planet did you say? Pfft I love where I am thank you very much, strange voices!

Crochet Nirvana

I have had this tee-shirt for ages and ages and initially I didn't like how short I had cut it off but try as I might I can't stop wearing it. I have been asked on various occasions if this or tee-shirts like these are the only ones I have. What can I say once I like something I stick to it and I've liked pretty much the same kind of things since I was 14 years old.

How cool is this crochet cardigan thing??? Its falling apart but I think my sheer will power in refusing to believe in its mortality is stopping it from completely self destructing to pieces. And the jeans are the ones I did the DIY post on heehee I am totally in love with them <3 <3 <3 All I can say about the boots is that I want to be known as the Girl in Boots, you know kinda like Puss in boots. Peace out!

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Kimonos are HOT

I can wax eloquent about my love for kimonos but I think people might start to be alarmed by the depth of feeling I can have for inanimate objects. Suffice to say that I would like to take the names of most of my favourite items of clothing. I reckon Tanaya kimono or Tanaya cut-off shorts or Tanaya biker boots has a nice ring to it, No? Just me? Okay then plain old Tanaya will have to do till people are open minded enough to let me marry inanimate objects. Phew! I think I am making no sense at all and will stop, just upload the outfit pictures and talk about what I am wearing. How totally awesome is my Afghan necklace and the cuff? They cost next to nothing as well, I mean a lady was selling it for like $15. I mean the only other place I can imagine getting it for this cheap or maybe even cheaper is the bazaars in India. Which makes me think of my impending back-packing sojourn through India with one of my best friends. Ooooooh I can't wait to stock up on totally awesome fabrics and jewels. Have a great day everyone!

Monday, June 25, 2012

Sharpie-doodle doo

Soooo these jeans are my own personal take on the printed denim trend. Me being me, I didn't really want to spend $200 on a pair of paisley printed denim not to mention the thought that someone else would have the exact same pair. Therefore I sulked a little bit and then came home and doodled henna tattoo designs all over a pair of faded skinny jeans. And after about ten minutes of furious drawing the result was this and I couldn't be happier. Not only that now a few girls have asked me to doodle their denim as well AND they are happy to pay me. Summer beach markets here I come with my own line of doodled-denim. Have a lovely day everyone!

To market to market

WARNING: This is a picture heavy post. A lot of people find inspirations at the designer stores or at the high street shops and magazines but me I truly find various markets, colourful stalls, globetrotting sellers and their quirky trawlers the most inspiring. Over the past four years the different weekend markets in Sydney have never failed to stimulate, excite and sometimes stun me with their vibrant wares and creative stall-holders as well as customers. Getting dressed for market hopping is an adventure in itself, meeting kindred fash-spirits and just soaking in the music and the vibe is something that to me is waaaay more fun than going to the latest club. Finding hidden treasures and vintage goodies at rock-bottom prices is the cherry on the already incredibly delicious cake. This week I'd like to share pictures of the markets in Glebe held every Saturday at the local school grounds. Glebe is one of the most eclectic suburbs in Sydney and over the years the market there has become a must on my weekend wandering to-do list. So much soo that my entire collection of the Christmas goodie bag from the boy was sourced at the Glebe market. To me it is like having a little slice of home over the weekend with all the dazzling array of colour, liveliness and the crowds. I'll just let the pictures do all the talking.

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Because layers make me happy and warm

Soooooooo a long hiatus has actually resulted in me getting my act together, finally bought a better camera, started documenting things that inspire me and am posting them here. It was soooooo cold today, I don't know if anyone can tell but I am wearing about a million layers of wool sweaters one on top of the other and still felt almost frozen when I wasn't directly under the warm sunshine. Winter thou art a heartless wretch! Okay I will now stop complaining about the weather and start gushing about the Balinese silk dressing gown I am wearing all knotted up to resemble something kimono/ superhero cape-esque. I may have found my soul-mate in silk. Have a happy weekend whatever you'll are doing.