Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Yellows and greens, purples and pink

What would I do without bright accessories in winter? When all I can think of is layer on top of layer a little bright belt, a hint of purple in my shoes, fun beanies and bags make me feel like me.

Another thing that I absolutely cannot do without are my relaxed jeans, summer or winter. Happy midweek everyone.

Beanie: Nepal, Jeans: Op-shopped, Silver Jewellery: India and Nepal, Block-print Scarf: India, Suede flats: Wittner


Vix said...

It's a battle to remain colourful in those dark days of winter and I can safely say you've done it!
Love that bag and the pumps but will I sound like a granny if I ask if your pretty feet are cold with no socks on? x

BellaBean Vintage said...

You look great! Not long to go now and we can break out the bright summer dresses and sandals, Yay!

ThriftyParka said...

Love those bright pops if colour!! You put winter layers together so beautifully.

We've had a cold summer here in Thunder Bay, Ontario, so I've done nothing but hibernate myself. Today the summer gods smiled upon us and blessed us with a balmy 30 degrees Celcius.

Love your gorgeous colorful posts!!!

Keit said...

*_* Prettyyyyyyaaahh!!! <3 I'm addicted to your style!

Btw, I went to see "The Wolverine" and there was a scene where I was like:"Heeeeeeeeeey, this is the place where Tanya made those photos which she send me"! It was kind of weird, I felt I've been there :D

Emmett Katherine said...

I love the beanie! And how it goes so well with your belt! I have trouble adding colour to my outfits in the winter, I often find myself dressing in shades of grey! I should take a cue from you though and try to add bits of colour here and there.