Sunday, August 9, 2015

Winter beach walks

Sunny winter Sundays spent by the lake or ocean are the best ways to de-stress and re-examines one's priorities. And having an energetic furball just completes the picture of perfection. I have been open about my love for traditional Indian fabrics and cuts and this top or 'Kediyu' as it is called traditionally in Gujarat is one of my prized items of clothing. Last year I went to my tailor with some left over scrap of bright green 'Bandhani' fabric that was too little to be used for much and demanded a Kediyu and he made me this. I love it so much I have qualms about washing it in the machine. I cannot wait to go back this year and get more made.

This top is very commonly seen worn by men in Gujarat and elaborate versions are worn for the Navaratri festival during the fall harvest. I can't really see myself waiting for holidays to wear what I like and therefore I wear these kind of tops all year round. I mean once you've found something you love, have continued being obsessed by it for decades, there isn't much point in wearing it every once in a while.

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CameronRobertson said...

Winter hasn’t arrived yet, but many enjoy walks along the beach. I know a few of the staff at the self storage would organize a once a month get together to enjoy the beach with their families. It makes work more enjoyable when they go back to office.