Monday, October 26, 2015

Summers are for Mini-Anarkali/ Kediyu

Post Dusshera prancing about on the balcony garden after I got a hose and sprayed water on every leaf, the things that make me happy are really simple! I have a bunch of these mini-anaarkali/ kediyu that I wear all summer round with shorts, in winter I wear them with jeans like you've seen here.

It's one week to our adventure, the house cleaning has begun, I don't even know what to pack but I've bought my travel diary ofcourse and already started drawing in it. In the meantime I obviously don't have time to take outfit photos but then it's not like I wear anything other than everyday wear in outfit posts. So here I am in another one of my Ajrakh staples just after watering my plants with greasy hair :)