Saturday, February 20, 2016

Size doesn't matter

Anaarkali: Anokhi, Silver: India, Shoes: Topshop and Bag: Funkis

I love strong shapes and easy silhouettes that play with size and proportions in silks, linen, cotton, khadi or any natural breathable fabric. This anaarkali is from Anokhi, they didn't have my usual size so I went two sizes up as I really liked the stripes. I love the easy, flowy fit of the garment in a size much larger than is deemed fit for me. And as I wear the same items of clothing summer, winter, autumn, spring or monsoon I wear this dress all year round with tights/ jeans and thermals in winter and just by itself on warmer days.

Garment size is a concept that I have always consciously tried to do away with and my closet consists of every size from extra extra small to large. I truly believe I wouldn't like this dress as much as I like it if it fit me any tighter and I love anything with pockets. As usual I wore it with worn-in leather and silver from the heartland of India.

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Jenna Opsahl said...

I love how this is looser on you. You look amazing, as always.