Thursday, January 18, 2018

Handloom dress in a rainforest

We went away to the tropics over the festive season and I could not get enough of the rainforests and the waterfalls. Skipping barefoot over the rocks or the fallen tree trunks, swimming in the stunning natural water holes Australia has to offer and not having to worry about impending deadlines gave me time to truly revel being in the moment.

My bruised mind and soul come alive in places like this and I dressed to pretty much blend into the background. I have this tremendous love for breathable fabrics made into wonderfully crafted, flowy dresses that will survive the rigours of my adventures and won't slow me down.

I like certain silhouettes and I stick to them but I still want something different, a little detail here or a certain something there. I am also very discerning in my shopping habits and will most likely actively seek out independent women owned businesses over chains.

The dress in the photos was bought from this totally fabulous lady, Abhilasha who works with women artisans to craft absolutely wearable pieces of art for her Pune-based brand Ek Dori. I love the fact that the fabric is handloom-ed cotton and find this dress incredibly flexible. I can wear it with just about anything in my wardrobe ranging from denim shorts with the front of the dress tucked into the waist to pairing it with sarees. I have had it only for a few weeks and worn it tonnes and I have a feeling it will just get better as it ages.

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Keit said...

I love that you are so conscious about your purchases and the fact that you are supporting not the massive brands, but the invidual small businesses.
The dress is spectacular, I have no words for it, you look like a princess <3