Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Re-discovering the joys of blogging

Soooo...i did jump on the blogging bandwagon somewhere in 08 but then the updating lapsed as life took intercontinental move...a break up of gigantic proportions...studying...figuring out what i wanted to do...basically everything converged into this massive cyclone...but i have been a reader of many a blogs and some of them have really really made my days happier and my outlook shinier with every post...and i just went to myself...why am i not a part of this fun world anymore...but a cruel little person in me keeps telling me...why would anyone want to read your blog??? and truly speaking i don't really know if this is going to be a fashion inspiration board kind of thing...i am still trying to find my sartorial niche...but then i decided to hell with it and i am going to start rambling and see what happens...haha

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