Thursday, July 21, 2011

In a permanent state of to be improved

So...I am organizing my blogging presence, having shut down my other blog and focusing on keeping this one alive and kicking. I am tirelessly trying to bring some order to every aspect of my life and decided to streamline my clothing, footwear and jewelery collections.

Now when I say collections I just mean a haphazard pile of things. I have sadly never been able to afford designer wear and hence have had to get very creative and diy-ish (yes i invent words when my vocabulary fails me) and because of that my already out of control hoarder habits have started bordering on a full blown obsession where I am unable to throw anything out. My regular train of thought is maybe I will wear it someday, maybe I will figure out how to style it better later, maybe it will of some use to my future diy projects. But unfortunately all that has happened is me lugging around enormous amount of completely unnecessary things.

Most of my 'never used because I still haven't bought that sewing machine' pile basically has lots of potential and I have sketched what the final items will look like but sadly I lack the sewing skill and the drive to dive into the pile and start making alterations.

So I decided to try and store everything in boxes, suitcases and give some stuff away and be inspired by what I have to stop dressing something akin to a Christmas tree let lose in an Indian bazaar and more like the grown up with a slight penchant for Christmas tree-ish sense of jewellery lading and colour. Haah but this plan was shot from the word go and the boy came into the house thinking there were at least three people at home because I was channeling some of my clothes and speaking to myself convincingly how these items were truly eclectic and it would be a grave mistake to throw any away. So all in all the whole point of my tedious rambling is that I have managed to organize nothing and now everything is draped over every empty surface and I am sitting in the middle of it and looking for order inducing inspiration online.

Oh yea and since I am not really comfortable posting pictures of the awful mess I have made of my things, here are pictures of Bondi beach in summer :D

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