Thursday, July 21, 2011

Ocular hangover of the blingalicious kind

I am on an interstellar overdrive of planet awesomeness...yes i know that sentence makes no sense what so ever, but I do have a valid reason for blubbering incoherently and putting random words together...I was in a jewellery lovers heaven and I still haven't come back to earth...I am sitting in the midst of the very best haul I have had in a long long time and just basking in the joy of knowing all this preciousness is à moi

Okay so roaming the streets of Pune found this random cubbyhole shop thing full of hidden silver and semi precious stone treasures...And managed to empty the entire contents of my wallet at the said cubbyhole...Sadly I had to take leave of the little slice of heaven because the ancient shop keeper did not accept credit cards and I was starting to have distinctly klepto thoughts...Siggggh

P.S. This was an old post lurking in my to be published folder and is actually dated circa July 2010, when I visited home last.

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