Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Crochet and puppies do it for me at 35 degree celcius

Tee: Salvos, Crochet skirt: Bondi markets, Jewellery/ Bag/ Slippers: India

I had forgotten the joy that are stray puppies on the streets of India, they claim a certain house as their own and are the bestest friends to have. My sister's house is surrounded by stray cats and dogs who have claimed her as their pet and I get to reap all the benefits of that.

Although all this puppy love has resulted in yet another crochet skirt falling in the middle of the street incident, I am beginning to sense a pattern here. And let me tell you getting de-skirted in India can cause far worse problems than anywhere else. Skirt falling dramas and puppy love aside, I am happy to report that the weather here is almost melting my skin off but I have wonderful new treasures to be happy about. My intent to buy only used/ ethical clothing is getting really hard to stick to because I want to buy everything in sight, pretty pretty things call out to me. But so far have got gifts from everyone, claimed a few of my sister's jewels as my own and am wearing fragrant/ fresh flower crowns. Life is good!

Please admire my new embroidered slippers, since I can't wear my short shorts I am going over board with colour, embroidery and fresh flowers. Yes I know my tee says Baghdad but I imagine the city before the war and meanness and I think it must have been beautiful to sit by the Tigris and soak it in. Have a happy happy week!


Keit said...

Hahahah, skirt falling XD Adore adore this look on you, the slightly bigger tee is so cute, oh and nail polish is a blast! And your haaaair, so dreamy!

Anonymous said...

yayyy doggie!!

I love your skirt!

Hybid Hunter

Poppy Lee Jones said...

you're in india? that's so cool, i want to go there one day too, must be amazing!
and i love your outfit, the skirt and the shirt are gorgeous! xx


Marie-Eve said...

Adorable ! Love the skirt, and those shoes too !!

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songbird said...

this is the first time i think i am seeing a frontal shot of your face!and however did you manage the skirt falling off here!!
loving the skirt,knotted shirt,teh amazing nails,cool shoes!!