Friday, August 24, 2012

India Travel 101: Get vaccinated against EVERYTHING!

I guess the title pretty much tells it all I tried travelling around India, got to the Himalayas and then fell ill with some weird illness that almost drove me insane. One mis-diagaonasis, endless days spent in a hospital in the mountains and tonnes of hospital bills later I now know that I have Typhoid and some sort of other stomach infection which has made me pretty much immobile. I don't have the energy or stamina to make outfit posts but have loads of inspirational pictures to share if only I could actually do more than type out a few lines. Once I get better I promise I will do better job at blogging. Hope everyone has had a better time than I have the past few weeks. Have a great week!


Keit said...

Oh dear, so sorry! Traveling around is always risky -_- Feel better soon, I'm waiting :D

songbird said...

here's to a very speedy recovery!!!

tanaya said...

Thanks girls for your wishes...I am feeling much better now...Can't wait to get outfit posting once again x