Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Spring block print love

Its officially the season when new leaves and flowers bloom, I can wear lighter layers and summer is just round the corner. And spring summer to me is block-print-fabrics-in-all-the-colours-of-the-rainbow season, yaay...

To be honest though, my favourite game right now is "what am I going to wear in Paris?" interspaced with "wait! What am I going to wear in Amsterdam?" Can you tell I am excited?

Its about half a dozen weeks to take-off, rouge winter coat is in my virtual shopping cart, I am constantly browsing websites for what to do there and lamenting the exchange rate between the Australian Dollar and the Euro.

I think I got my constant penchant of changing clothes from all the Hindi movie songs where the heroine changes half a dozen times in the space of one five-to-seven minute song.

I digress, all I am trying to say is I love wearing my block print dresses in warm weather but I am also obsessed with winter clothes right now. Phew! Happy mid-week lovelies.

Dress: Anokhi, Jewellery: India and Sydney Markets, Beanie: Peru


Vix said...

Perusing websites and planning packing is just what I've been doing today, too - 55 days and counting! (Landing in Goa and then who knows?!)
Love your block printed dress and booties. xxx

Helga! said...

LOVE that gorgeous frock! It's a perfect travel frock, only you'll need some warm layers where you're going! XXX

Keit said...

Haha, don't forget to take lots of photos when you get there!!! :P
Awesome dress, it's so colorful and the shape is quite laid back, love it! :)

flysongbird said...

this is such a fun the smile and that is getting a little chilly here..:)

Bohemian said...

I'm absolutely ADORING the Print and Hues of this Material!!! *Swooning*

Dawn... The Bohemian