Sunday, November 24, 2013

In which I wear a block print tent and love it

So here I am posting after ages in yet another Indian block print dress; what can I say except for agreeing with the fact that I am a poster child for being obsessed with the same thing for decades. Trends come and go, some people think I am ridiculous colourful others think my clothes are super cool based on either what appeals to their tastes but mostly based on what's deemed in or out.

I am tired of trends and know what makes me feel good and no amount of funny jokes or outright nastiness is going to make an iota of difference. Initially I wanted to maybe trim the hem of this beauty but better sense prevailed (Thank you Mummy) and I decided to wear it in its full length flowing glory.

Hope life's been treating you well. I know I have been a lax in the commenting department lately and I am sorry. Happy Sunday world!


Helga! said...

It's totally frigging GORGEOUS!!!
You look gloriarse, love that colour on your beautiful skin!!! So glad you didn't hem it-bless Mummy!!! It's really a stunner. I;d love something like this for Summery drifting about......XXX

Bohemian said...

I Love your Bohemian Dress and the Accessories! Better to set Trends than to follow them... I wear what I Love regardless of what is allegedly Trending. As my Mum has always said it is better to be looked over than overlooked! You look stunning in this ensemble, so why change what you Love and looks so Lovely on you!?

Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian

Vix said...

You look absolutely stunning, what a wonderful Mum you have. the jewellery is sublime! xxx

Emmett Katherine said...

that dress is beautiful, I think it looks great the way it is, good thing you kept the hem as is! great colours and I want a dress like that.

People love to comment on what you should or shouldnt be wearing... I say wear what makes you feel happy.