Monday, February 10, 2014

An afternoon well spent

Busy neighbours with cute dogs are my favourite kind of people, especially when the puppy is this cuddly. Random pictures from an afternoon spent playing in the park, walking Ms Abundant Energy and drinking cold beers. Seriously look at that face, isn't she the prettiest?

This Goddess tee-shirt is one of my latest obsessions, sent over by my sister from her trip to Pondicherry. I spend waay too much time wearing it and am afraid to wash it. Hope you've had a lovely weekend, mine was spent with dogs,cats and surrounded by plants, just how I like it.

Happy Monday world!


Vix said...

Those tee shirts wash just fine - I've had one of mine for 3 years now and its still in great shape!
Gorgeous dog and fabulous you! xxx

Keit said...

Beer and sunshine!!!!? I envy you so much right now O_O
Whoa, the Goddess t-shirt is wicked rad!!!!

AVY said...

How very pretty, love the T-shirt.