Saturday, March 21, 2015

Balcony twirls

The cold and the rain though not really welcome are settling in, I am slightly excited about autumn layers but I am not really looking forward to winter AT ALL. I know I am a wuss, because Sydney winters are pretty mild compared to a lot of places but I just don't like heavy layers and wearing pants! Wearing pants is the WORST!

But hopefully there is still some sunlight left for the next few weeks and we can enjoy a bit more warmth. While there is even a semblance of warmth, I will twirl in barely there dusters and tiny little dresses like this one. Bought after an intense haggle in Colaba this dress is years old and the duster made from a thin, cotton Kalamkari saree never fails to make me feel good. All the jewellery is silver from India bought over the years.

Happy Navroze to all those celebrating today, hope everyone's having a great weekend!


Jenna Opsahl said...

You are GORGEOUS! These photos are beautiful. I love the third one. I love the lengths of these pieces. Just stunning.


ThriftyParka said...

Looooove that gorgeous, sheer duster and dress. I imagine it's heavenly to twirl in!!

Am I a bad person if I tell you that we are *almost* at springtime here in Canada? I hate wearing pants too, I'm looking forward to wearing skirts and dresses in a few weeks!!

I'm off to Google "Kalamkari"

Vix said...

Absolutely stunning! I love that duster coat, it looks beautiufl on you. xxx