Sunday, March 1, 2015

The last day of summer

Today is officially the last day of summer and I am loathe to let the season of swimming in the sea and basking in the sunshine go, so not ready for anything more than light layers with boots and can't bear the thought of dreary weather. So I dressed in a way that although super common for me makes me feel really happy; old, washed-a-million-times-soft cotton with suitably ventilated jeans and converse.

For ages I knew that I like traditional Indian kurtas and angrakhas but recently have come to the conclusion that I am also only attracted to cuts that are similar. I also only like natural fibres, obsessively check tags to know the exact fabric composition and may have a slight problem. I digress, what I mean to say is these traditional Indian cuts are my go to regardless of current trends and I am getting more and more comfortable in my skin to bother with anything else.

This bag was bought off a Rabari woman in Gujarat who was jaw-droppingly beautiful in a way that only real (read non-fashion) people can be. Currently I am obsessed with travelling and paring down my belongings to keep only things that matter; handcrafted beauties and things with sentimental value.

Have a great weekend, world!


ThriftyParka said...

You're back! I missed your posts. I'm sorry that it's the last day for summer - here in Canada we have a beautiful sunny day, with temperatures hovering a little below zero. I must get out and shovel the snow off my steps ;)

Keit said...

Question: Where the hell have you been? Missed your posts! I guess you were too busy having fun and living, but damn I wish you could post more often :D Happy to hear you're okay and don't feel sorry for letting go of summer, winter is not that bad too :D