Monday, September 14, 2015

Relaxed spring afternoons

Most of these pictures have been taken in front of a mural of the Aboriginal Australian flag in The Block, Redfern. The Block has been a meeting place for Aboriginal people for more than half a century, as people travelled from country towns to Sydney in search of work. The area is synonymous with Indigenous land rights and till quite recently was the site of the Aboriginal Tent Embassy demanding affordable housing for Indigenous Australian.

It is a place steeped in history and struggle, I went there over the weekend to listen to some live music by Indigenous artists. It was the first really warm day this spring and my embroidered top from Columbia came out to play with beaded jewellery from Kenya, South Africa and Columbia. I am obsessed with Maasai, South American and Indian beaded jewellery and wish to deck myself head to toe in them. A great afternoon spent listening to some good music and chatting with interesting locals before riding away as the sun set.

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