Sunday, September 20, 2015

Wilderness Sunsets

These pictures were taken when we went mini-camping in the mountains a few weeks ago, it was still pretty cold but we were pretty cosy sleeping in the van. One of my oft repeated wishes is to travel all of Australia and New Zealand in a campervan, I can't wait till we do it.

Anyway this was the last sunset in the cold mountains just before we headed back to the city and it was spectacular. Trust me the pictures don't do the skies any justice, we could have sat and stared for hours!I have never seen so many glorious shades of orange, pink, purples and the bare trees just made things even more weirdly beautiful. I was wearing a bunch of layers under my vintage lambswool sweater and was raring to run up and down the hills. It's times like this that make me thankful I moved to this beautiful continent. Having said that though I am still obsessed with my upcoming trip home and to the desert.

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Emmett Katherine said...

both the view/sunset and your sweater are beautiful :)