Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Merino joggers and Ajrakh

I don't do winter without merino wool, like hands down it's my favourite cold weather staple, I mean I love duck/ goose down for the warmth but merino wool I love for everything AND I like pyjama-esque pants. So these Icebreaker merino joggers had to show up here at some point. As much as I like the look of fleece (only sometimes), I really don't like wearing it often.

I have some fleece trackies but they are strictly my "all my wool is in the wash" time wear. These joggers though, I wear them to sleep, to travel, to work, basically everywhere, my only problem with them is that they are not available in any other colours. Another thing that I cannot get enough of is Ajrakh, scarves, kurtas, dresses, pyjamas, what have you. This scarf was bought in Kutch and this hand embroidered bag is years old, basically comfort clothing at it's best. What are your cold weather must haves?

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