Saturday, July 23, 2016

Oversize Lucknowi Kurta with Joggers

I constantly get asked how I wear kurtas in daily life outside of India, I never know how to answer the question except to say; I just wear them. Anywhere, any kind, with anything and pretty much for all kinds of activities, for eg. on the day these photos were taken, we went on a coastal walk, bike ride around Sydney's eastern beaches and exploring markets plus eating street food.

This kurta is a Lucknowi Chikankari kurta that was bought years ago and is still going strong. Chikan is a traditional embroidery style that originated in the North of India in what is modern day Lucknow, I think it started off as white on white intricate embroidery on muslin. These days however one can see it on every kind of colour from the usual pastel to neons. I love the beauty and the practicality of these airy, flowy, light kurtas especially in hot summers but here I am wearing it in the middle of winter in Sydney because I don't believe in seasonal wear. To be honest though, this particular day was a really nice, warm winter day and I layered my Icebreaker merino base layer under it and a merino duster cardigan over it.

I think the secret to wearing anything is that one shouldn't bother about rules, for eg. I have worn this exact same kurta with booty shorts in the summer and with anything else I feel like including but not limited to flowy skirts, wide legged pants, boyfriend jeans, bell-bottoms and as I've worn them here, with joggers plus vans. In my world there are no rules for wearing anything, annoying aunties do glare at me but I have learnt to just tune them out. So if you're looking to wear something just go ahead wear it, I believe we really need to get experimental with our traditional wear, sarees with shorts, kurtas with minis tied to the side, anything that takes one's fancy.

And also I have no respect for sizing, if I like something I will wear it, regardless of the size, I WILL make it fit. I used to like things that fit me and looked like they were tailor made for me but then got tired of being too small to fit into things I liked and have pretty much given up on fitted clothing. Another thing I don't care for is gendering of clothes, I like clothes and can't be arsed with gender specific clothing. For eg. these joggers are from the kids (boys) section and the kurta is extra-large but I like how comfy they were together.

What are your favourite ways to wear your kurtas?

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ThriftyParka said...

I wish I could tell you how I wear my kurta,unfortunately we don't have anything lovely like that here in Thunder Bay (sad face). Just wanted to say that your pictures are STUNNING as usual. Love your clothes and how you put them together.