Monday, January 30, 2017

In which I wear a skirt as a top

Last weekend was spent walking in the bush at Sydney Harbour National Park and spending the afternoon on this picturesque beach. This pretty spot has scenic views across Sydney's north harbour and is a great spot for a swim especially for doggie paddle swimmers like myself.

I wore my usual garb of hand block-print cotton with shorts to walk in the heat and splash about in the shallow waters. The top I am wearing here is actually a wrap around skirt that I wear as both a top and bottom. I love clothing that can be mixed and matched and is multi-functional. I wear this top, summer or winter and it is a great something to take along when traveling. I've also worn it casually on the beach or for brunch as well as dressed it up for a night out.

I find a lot of traditional Indian prints and designs incredibly versatile and think they can be worn in many different ways. IMHO sarees, kurtas, cotton dupattas and skirts are the most multi-purpose slash easy to style in myraid shapes.

The Dabu print indigo scarf I have on works as a cover-up, a beach towel, head-wrap, pillow and a cape (I like super hero capes) and much much more. I always have a bunch of these kind of cotton scarfs in traditional block prints, handlooms or bandhani handy during my mini-adventures.

What are your most multi-functional items of clothing?

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ThriftyParka said...

Beautiful pictures!! The most multi-functional clothing I wear here in Canada is a poncho or a shawl. I highly recommend taking a poncho or shawl when travelling. It can be wrapped around you to protect from harsh, cold blasts. It can be used as a blanket, or bunched up into a pillow.

I always enjoy looking at your beautiful clothing from India. I love block-printed and embroidered items.

happy thrifting ;)