Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Looking for isolated beaches

Spent an afternoon chasing a waterfall last weekend with amazing views of the sea. We sat by the waterfall on a comfy rock for some time drinking beers, basking in the sunlight, taking photos of the view and reading before deciding to hike down the rocky slope to the beckoning isolated beach below.

This is what lay in wait after basically skidding down the rocks and dirt in absolutely unsuitable shoes. Not even cutting my toe on the rocks could dampen my enthusiasm for this amazing spot. There was literally no one else on the beach and we waded about in the shallow waters, climbed trees, baked on rocks and scampering around like little monkeys. I obviously wore the usual hand-block print cotton top, this one is like a kediyu but open in the front and made by my favourite tailor back home. It is perfect little cover-up over bathers for lounging or running about.

The afternoon was one of the best that summers in Sydney have to offer and was spent doing fun things. Just the kind of weekend afternoons I like.

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