Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Yellow and Blue

Dress: Only, Shirt and Leather jacket: Super old can't remember, Boots: India, Turquoise pendant: Mexico, All other jewellery: India

Ummm...So where do I begin? I basically had the awful-est time on my trip both physically and emotionally and I'll stop at that. But I can't let things or people get me down, can I? Therefore I am going to do all the things that I enjoy doing more than ever and wear ANYTHING that I WANT no matter what. One thing that I've decided is that no one is going to tell me what to wear or how to behave :D

I have been obsessing about Maxi dresses and skirts for quite some time now and this spring weather lets me wear boots as well as pile layers of mis-matched clothes and jewellery on top. What could be better? Have a great week everyone!


Keit said...

DAMN, where have you beeeen!!!!? It's been weeks without my daily dose of awesome outfit posts -_-
Sorry to hear the trip sucks, glad to have you back though :D

Poppy Lee Jones said...

gorgeous outfit, looove the jewellery! you look great! xx


songbird said...

i love that yellow shade..i love maxi dresses too..and rad jewellery!