Saturday, March 23, 2013

Jardin au soliel

Shorts: DIYed Vintage Ralph Laurens, Bikini: Tigerlily and Thrifted embroidered bag

Sorry for the heap of photos but this is more of a 'look at these pretty plants' sort of post, I as usual am wearing ripped denim at the bottom and minimum amount of clothing on the top. Just when I was starting to get my oversize cardigans and jackets out to play, the weather did a complete 180 degrees and it was summer again, not that I am complaining, beach going weather is welcome at all times. Spent a lazy day eating yummy food and walking amongst tropical forest-esque foliage pretending to be on a holiday. I was in heaven around the succulents and cactii, frolicking about in the sun and then promptly lay down for a nap/ day dreaming. The best kind of day! Happy weekend world!


Varun Rajendran said...

Love the look hun... Looking gorgeous as ever <3

Vix said...

You are so gorgeous, you've a bod to kill for and you absolutely rock the bikini top and body chain. xxx