Tuesday, March 19, 2013

The glorious return of oversize jacket weather

Vintage tee and jacket, Suede boots: France, Jewellery: India+Sydney markets

Its that time of the year again, the glorious trans-seasonal phase when I can wear over-size jackets and beanies with tiny skirts without tights and not freeze. Aah! bliss, if only this pesky flu season wouldn't accompany the perfect temperatures. Wore this today to eat some yummies and go to the local Indian shop to stock up on desi goodies plus heaps of bindis.

Lately I haven't been able to take off my various shell neck-laces, bindis, bright woven bags and this over-size buttery leather made in NZ cozy as hell beauty. Yup summer or winter, my love for oversize band tees remains strong, just add layers till I resemble a polar bear wearing a number of fleece jackets. The neon bracelet visible in some pictures is from the GnR concert I went to on my birthday and I refuse to take it off! Happy start of the week everyone.


Vix said...

It's rare it's ever warm enough for that gorgeous clothing combo in the UK, so jealous!
Love how cute you look in that beanie and your legs are to die for! xxxx

judith said...

Me encanta el look, la falda preciosa!

Helga! said...

Bloody HELL, you are so effortlessly FUNKTACIOUS!!! I frigging love your look, I could never carry it off....the beanie is too cute!
I am, for the first time EVER, actually excited about Autumn. I've been looking forward to wearing tights and jackets. Usually I get a bit morose about the end of Summer......XXX

Keit said...

Oh yes, that's my favorite part of the year!!!!
And I seriously want your jacket, I'm gonna get it sooner or later, no way of stopping me!!! :D
The yellow hat is too cute ^_^

songbird said...

and here we head for sweaty summers as you know...i am lookiong forward to your winter style..