Sunday, March 17, 2013

Rainbow Shiva

Shorts: Insight, Tee-shirt: Janpath: Delhi, Boots: NineWest, back-pack: Vintage

The city council has painted Taylor square crossing rainbow in order to celebrate MardiGras this year and ofcourse I like a million others couldn't resist taking photos on the funnest crossing I have ever seen. I may have ranted about the cost and the stupidity of keeping it on just for the month of March but rainbow crossing for a month is better than no rainbow crossing at all!

So I know I haven't been posting frequently and have been commenting sporadically on my favourite blogs but I've had a lot on my plate and I am still dazed and dreamy about Axl Rose singing Happy Birthday while I was in the audience ON my birthday. Basically the boy aced it by giving me one of the best birthday surprises of my life. I was quite apprehensive that Axl wouldn't turn up etc but he was right on time, sounded amazing, the band was tight and I have been listening to them non-stop ever since. And now my leather pants have come out to play, but that's stuff for another post. Now that autumn weather is starting to make its presence felt all my grand-pa cardigans are out of hibernation and the cold weather in Europe is making me excited for the onset of winter. I know I'll be complaining about the chill pretty soon but for now I am looking forward to it. Have a happy weekend!


Helga! said...

Axl Rose sang you Happy Birthday?!
WHOOT! How awesome!!!
Aw, the Rainbow Crossing is divoon-yeah, ridiculous cost, but so pretty and it will bring so much pleasure!
Skateboard chickie!!! Yeah, I really MUST come over for a Mardi Gras, it's far too long!

Vix said...

Axl Rose did what????!!! I'm surprised you're back on planet earth so soon, what an amazing surprise and a top bloke for organising it!
You look adorable, love that teeshirt! x