Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Last few weeks in pictures

Before the freezing temperatures and the sleet we had a few nice winter days, still cold but go-outable if you know what I mean...Weekends spent leisurely strolling markets, playing with cats, stumbling upon a temple and watching sunsets with one's best friend are one of the best kinds...Hope you have been having a peaceful time.


Helga! said...

Meow!!! Just look at those sweeties!
Summer seems a long, long time ago!
Hope you're getting over your nasty flu, darling! XXX

Desiree C said...

Oooooooooh puddy tats galore - such pretty photos darling and look at those beautiful crashing waves and the utterly perfect shrine. I'm sending you warm hugs sweetie, I do hope you get better pronto. xoxo

Emalina said...

Great pics and cute kitty!