Friday, June 28, 2013

My goodie bag from home and what I wore to go get it

So the other day my Mother and Sister sent me a goodie bag with someone who was travelling to Sydney. They had a couple of hours notice and they amassed this much loot in literally minutes and had it delivered to the person who was flying into Sydney for work.

I got a beautiful ombre silk Bandhani saree, heaps of jewellery, bindis, liquid bindi in little rainbow containers to make my own designs, crochet shrug, 100% cotton yummies, a rainbow thread wrapped necklace/bracelet, all the jewellery came packed in this green silk Tibetan wallet that is my new money purse and it was beautifully packed into this Jute bag that says "Jute is Cute". I feel like the richest girl in the world!

Thank you so much Mummy and Dingy. More than the goodies it was so nice to smell and feel a little piece of home, the saree had been ironed and there were two pages of a Gujarati newspaper in it from the laundry and somehow it was so nice to see that.

I wore a camel leather embroidered hand-bag my sister gave me last year to go collect everything and just for fun there is also a picture of Sydney late last night. I am decked from head to toe in my goodies and know I look ridiculous but I don't care. HAPPY FRIDAY WORLD!

Warning: This is a picture heavy post.

Disclaimer: I am in no way bragging here, I am just happy to get something from home and I understand I am extremely lucky especially in the light of what's happening in Uttarkhand right now.


Keit said...

Heavy picture posts are my favorite. I really like to see more of your outfits and out and abouts (I hope it doesn't sound creepy :D )
Man, this beanie....<3

Desiree C said...

No one would begrudge you such wonderful gifts from your mum and sister, whom you clearly love and adore so dearly! What a wonderful haul and you looked so bright and zingy skipping out to get your parcel:). My son flies to Delhi on Sunday arvo, then up to Leh for fun and hiking adventures in the highlands. I just hope he'll be safe with all the monsoonal weather and the land slides ... so tragic!! xo

flysongbird said...

wowowow! i remember i had those rainbow bindi mum currently has a red one...i love those!and sydney looks awesome late at night!

Emalina said...

That is one groovy goodie bag, and I'm very jealous of the lovely contents!