Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Lazy chilly nights

Super Flares: One teaspoon, Scarf/ Scarf-top/ Bag: India

Lazy winter outfit worn to get a mug of steaming hot chocolate round the corner from home. Paid hibernating winter leave should be mandatory during the winter months. Happy almost mid-week.


Poppy Lee Jones said...

awesome outfit, looove the jeans! i recently got my flares out again too, hadn't worn them for ages! i'd almost forgotten about how awesome they actually look.
and these photos are beautiful, there's something about empty streets in the city at night that i really love. xx

Vix said...

Those jeans are awesome, I love massive bell bottoms like that, I nearly wore mine today. xxx

Keit said...

You and your bell bottoms....can't get any more cooler than that, seriously!!!