Monday, July 1, 2013

Its always the season for block printed vintage cotton skirts

Skirt, Scarf, Jewellery: India, Vintage Leather jacket, shoes and bag

Like I said before, with the rainy weather and low temperatures its been hard to dress creatively but one thing that has still remained constant is my love for Vintage block print cotton. This skirt is a summer staple on the beach with a bathing suit top and with boots and socks becomes winter weather friendly. I will never understand why certain colour palettes are meant only for summer and others only for winter. I say baah to the rules, wear what makes me happy and puts a spring in my step.

The other night I received a notification on instagram and discovered that one of my favourite bloggers Ulrikke featured a few of my photos on her blog. Considering I love her ideas and sense of fashion it was great to be complimented by her in this fashion and also its so wonderful to have such a support network of like-minded bloggers to make my world a better place.

I am forever thank-ful to the beautiful, talented and generous ladies I have met through this blogging journey and I look forward to meeting more. For me its never been about garnering a huge number of followers but meeting and fostering bonds with like-minded women who know there is more to life than following tired rules.

Its been a beautiful winter's day today, no rain thankfully and I hope it stay this way so I can spend some time outdoors. Hope everyone's had a wonderful weekend.


Gabrielle @ LookSharpSconnie said...

YAY! Congrats on being featured on one of your fav blogger's blogs! That's so fricken exciting.

Your style is really unique and fun to look at. I'm trying to count the layers and disassemble the look. So inspirational, as I've been going a little too minimalist as of late, and need to up the layer anti , like so.

Congrats again.


Keit said...

Absolutely agree. If I have 2-3 people who are geniunly interested in what I write, that would be better, than having thousands who comment every post with "nice post".
Anyways, an outfit awesome as always, laid back and comfy!

Emalina said...

Such a beautiful skirt, and I love how you've 'grunged' it up! Reminds me of how I used to layer clothes with big dms and leather jackets in the 90s!

his_girl_friday said...

I love that skirt with that outfit. You look beautiful and WARM.

Vix said...

I never get the thing about reserving certain colours for different seasons. I wear Hawaiian maxi dresses in the snow 'cos they make me happy!
Well done on being featured on your fave blogger's blog, you are a constant source of inspiration. xxx

Ulrikke Eleonora said...

Arghh I never saw this! Been away on vacation so I have some serious catching up to do. Thanks for the kind words and for being such a huge inspiration!