Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Comfy with a dash of bright colour

First things first, can you believe the two adorable munchkins I got to play with over the weekend? They were tiny little bundles of fun and I think I might be head over heels in doggy love. Baby animals are so much better than most people, non? I am really having to rein in the impulse to put a million puppy pictures here.

Okay on to clothes before I dog nap the closest available pooch. Corduroy has always been one of my favourite fabrics, especially for the cold, I don't care if it is flared, skinny or baggy or if the fashion houses have deeemed it cool. If it is soft and worn-in corduroy I will wear it. Combine the coziness of baggy cords with the softest merino wool and its a match made in comfort heaven. With the androgynous silhouette being so popular these days everyone is wearing pyjama pants, not that trends affect most of my sartorial decisions in the least.

Truth be told the more popular a thing gets the less I want to wear it but I refuse to give up my comfy clothing and am just waiting for the trend slaves to salivate over the next shipment at Topshop and Zara. Usually just waiting it out for most people to get bored always does the trick.

What really irks me about people claiming to be in the know of fashion related things is that they seems to think that the relaxed boyfriend fit is solely for us narrow hipped ladies. What nonsense! I've seen plenty of curvier ladies sporting boyfriend jeans and looking fabulous. So anyone wanting to jump on the pyjama denim/ leather/ cord wagon please just do it.

Of course spring, summer or winter my love for colourful handcrafted jewellery, embroidered slippers and fabric bags remains steadfast. I have recently been wearing a lot of long beaded jewellery from India's north-east and South America and I am on the hunt for more.

Hope everyone's had a wonderful weekend.

Cords: One tea-spoon, Merino wool sweater: Anna Thomas, Slippers: India, Bag: Ecuador, Necklace: Columbia


ThriftyParka said...

Love those colours!!! They're positively edible!!

Helga! said...

OMG, those little fellas are TOO adorable! Double trouble!
O, I am the same if I find soemthing I'm into is suddenly "fashionable"...it becomes like a hot potato, and I can't wait to get rid of it! XXX

Emalina said...

You mix jewel bright colours with neutrals so well, I adore that hat, necklace and the shoes. Looking gorgeous as are the little doggies - very stealable!

Tania Mukhopadhyay said...
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Tania Mukhopadhyay said...

discovered your lovely blog last night. I wish to know from where did you get those indian slippers and kutch jhola?

have a nice day,


Tania Mukhopadhyay said...

Hi Tanaya,
discovered your blog last night. Its wonderful, where did you get the bag from Kutch and the lovely slippers from India?
Have a nice day,