Saturday, October 26, 2013

Water front shenanigans

I love days when the least amount of clothing is justified due to the heat, take this dress for instance, barely a scrap of fabric. Days when the sunlight beckons you invitingly, all you do is throw on some swim things and almost as an afterthought wear something light and breezy.

Don't get me wrong, I love layering as much as the next person but sometimes the summer heat is so much more fun. Although right now all I can think of is what to wear for a cold winter in Paris...Yes! Its now official, France for Christmas and New Year this year. Any tips on what I should pack and where I should eat, drink and shop?


Keit said...

Wheee, you're so luckyyy ^_^ I've never been to France, so I'm not sure how's the weather there, but I think it's like here, and we have a very crappy winter, with meters of snow and winds :D Hope it's not like that this year though, but my suggestion is pack a lot of coats!!! :D

flysongbird said...

i am loving the dress and the boots! you will have loads of fun piling up and layering in paris!

Vix said...

Swooning over your jewelry and loving that sweet mini on you.Gorgeous location, too!
It's been years since i was last in Paris but it's wonderful. Lots of layers (our weather is so changeable, snow, sunshine, rain, wind often all in one day) and comfy shoes for walking miles. xxx