Friday, October 11, 2013

Crochets and Backpacks

This week marks the birthday celebrations for my beautiful Mum. Here's wishing her all the happiness and love in the universe.

Nothing screams more happy and relaxed to me for spring/ summer than crochets, yummy jewellery and backpacks. Can you tell I can't wait to be on a tropical getaway?

Its not the labels that make me happy, the soft feel of much used crochet, a worn-in suede belt, leather sandals bought in Bombay ages ago combined with a vintage backpack and necklace make me feel like a princess.

What are your go-to pieces that never fail to make you feel great?


Vix said...

How strange, here on the other side of the world I've just repaired my crochet dress 'cos it's my favourite cold weather frock!
Loving yours and your pendant! xx

bohemian vanity said...

Oh i love crochet dresses, yours is a dream and suits you beautifu with that lovely suede belt! xx Tani

Helga! said...

That pendant!!! Heavenly!
I love grochet, depsite not having a lot of it, and certainly not any frocks, dammit.
Go to pieces?! Hmm, not really anything in particular I can think of right now, although I suppose red, white and blue as a colour scheme could count! I love everything in my wardrobe equally! XXX

Emalina said...

That crochet dress is so pretty, cool and looks so easy to wear. And wow you always find the most beautiful jewellery! Worn together it looks really striking.