Saturday, March 8, 2014

In this house the cat is incharge

Nothing beats a day in a crochet wisp, boots and embroidered bag indulging in some feline loving. I live for relaxed days like these. Happy Womens' day, I know it sucks we just have one day a year that celebrates us but entire lifetimes of misogyny therefore I treat all my days like we're Goddesses.

Anywho google's dedicated a celebratory doodle to us today and I want to wish all the ladies out there fighting daily in the face of patriarchy "WE RULE", "WE'RE AWESOME" and "PEOPLE WHO THINK OTHERWISE ARE SCUM"..

Have a wonderful weekend and I want to tell the awesome women in my life I'd be nothing without you and Yes! I mean you, Mummy..I'd truly be nothing without you and I hope you see your own worth and demand being treated with love and respect.


Pull Your Socks Up! said...

I think I need to move to Sydney. Your pics of you enjoying your city are so evocative of lush gardens, beautiful old buildings and of course you looking oh so stylish! I adore your Hand of Fatima necklace, it's so beautiful! xoxo

Emmett Katherine said...

love that lace romper, it would go perfectly in my closet! yes I agree that one day doesn't really seem like enough when you look back on history.

Vix said...

You look fabulous in your crochet wisp with the feline accessories!
I went to an all-girls school, we were educated to believe we were superior to men and I've never met a male whose dared to disagree with me! x