Thursday, April 17, 2014

Autumn roadtrips: In the woods, around mountains and by the sea

One of my most favourite things to do is to go through instagram feeds of National Geographic, various travel photographers and mountain climbers. For weeks now this urge to go away and be closer to nature has been hard to control and finally this long weekend we've rented a campervan with a tent and are going away camping into this wonderful continent that I have come to love so much.

I wish things work out as planned and we are able to travel a bit more in the coming years, so far having our families on two different continents and us living in the third has ensured a lot of moving and I can't wait to add more destinations to our "already visited" list.

As the temperature drops and the leaves start to change colour it is the best time to run around trees, up the hills and walk by the water. Here are a few things clotheswise that I am packing for my roadtrip, do you have any suggestions?

I can't be bothered wearing jackets on top (unless I have to) and hide my flowy tops so I generally do my layering under my clothes; which is when my collection of merino baselayers come very handy.

As the glorious Vix says "None of this running off to the shops for a new wardrobe when the season changes. Its lurid Hawaiian prints and gauzy cotton maxi dresses all year round for me. After all, isn't that why thermal underwear was invented?"

Outfit 1: Silk blouse, denim cutoffs, tall fringe boots with a merino baselayer under and a pair or merino leggings if needed with a Morroccan backpack from the Glebe markets.

Outfit 2: For those days in the mountains when its too cold to wear shorts; Icebreaker merino singlet with a Kathmandu merino pull-over on top, colourful pants to not look too wintry, a gifted suede bum bag from Pondicherry,my trusty Palladiums with thick woollen socks.

Outfit 3: Torn jeans with a merino singlet, an old tee, a block print scarf, Vintage chunky sweater and my broken in Converse with thick socks.

What are your road-trip must-wears?


Keit said...

So happy that you're finally going to have a well deserved break into the wild! :D I went camping only once. I had a temperature, runny nose and generally felt like shit, horrid!

Vix said...

I'm excited by your travelling wardrobe and thrilled by the mention! Have a wonderful trip and take loads of photos.
We're already excited about going out and about in Gilbert this summer. xxx

Pull Your Socks Up! said...

Road trip!!!!!! I love planning what to pack for a trip, almost as much as I enjoy travelling and exploring. I love the outfits you've chose, the fringed boots are crazy beautiful! Long socks are always a must for me as they're so cozy - there's nothing worse than being too cold when you're away from home. Have a wonderful trip! xoxoxo

flysongbird said...

good shoes are a must..nothing fancy..comfortable things in general.