Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Roadtrip Day One: Mountain Sunsets

We're back from the outback and really inspired from all that we saw and experienced; being away from most things modern did us a lot of good.We started off from the city and crossed the Blue mountains region to the very centre of NSW and camped in the middle of no where with dusty red earth, barely any cellphone network and a whole lot of fun.

The trip was visually inspiring but also so much more in the sense that one gets so much time to think and reflect while driving past spectacular fall foliage and quaint small towns. Lately I have been feeling the urge to maybe reduce the burden of having so many belongings and go back to having a smaller collection of things that are fabulous to me. Lets see how far I am able to pare back.

I have always been drawn towards comfortable clothing in natural fabrics that let my skin breathe and accesories that mean something to me. The earings in these photos were something I admired long ago on a friend from Columbia who promptly took them off and gave them to me, this vintage beaded belt was something picked up on travels and my various sweaters have so far been worn in multiple continents. I hope to continue to love my things, resist picking up things from impersonal shops and build a collection of truly eclectic items that mean a lot to me.

Here are a few pictures from our first sunset from the trip. Hope everyone had a relaxing break.


Keit said...

Being close to nature is always so refreshing. I love to visit the Sea, I have a feeling that just the mere sight of it can fix anything!
Love your red beanie and that rad bag ^_^

Vix said...

What a lovely friend to donate her earrings to your already fabulous wardrobe!
The scenery is truly breathtaking and I love your beautiful bohemian trekking outfit, too. x

Marlen said...

i've been really really wanting to go hiking lately, and your photos just made me want to go all the more. i love getting lost in the woods and mountains, it's so calming

xo marlen
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Hippy At Heart said...

Hi there, just discovered your awesome blog. wow. your style is amazing and I love the boho vibe, too! amazing shots!!