Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Badass Goddess tee-shirt

Another day, another Goddess tee shirt, worn with shorts & grandpa cardigan, a Mexican backpack and docs because it was raining. Taking overactive puppies out for exercise in the rain means one has to be comfortable and prepared to get dirty jumping in puddles and wrestle in the muck. Not that I am complaining, give me puppies and kitties over most people anyday and I am a happy little girl.

This time the lady on the tee-shirt is one of the avatars of the Hindu Goddess of power who is known for her annihilation of evil forces and as one can imagine she is one of my favourite-st. I mean she gets drunk on the blood of the demons she destroys, dances in a frenzy on the corpses, almost destroys the world and frightens powerful realms. Badass Goddesses make the best role models, what's not to love?

Hope everyone's had a wonderful start to the week, happy Wednesday.


Marlen said...

the story behind the goddess is amazing, that's definitely a role model ;) and playing with puppies in the rain sounds so fun haha, and you look super cute while doing it!

xo marlen
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Vix said...

She takes pride of place in our bathroom! You're looking fab and brightening up my grey English Tuesday! xxx

Keit said...

Whoa! Bad ass Goddess is bad ass! :D And creepy! But still, bad ass :D
Love the tee and those magnificent red boots O_O

Varun R said...

Always a pleasure going through your blogs. Keep 'em coming. xo